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Rule of Mum: Jiggling the Juggle

SurvivalWe know – and you know – what an exhausting nightmare it can be trying to balance work and family. We recently asked our MoTs for advice on Facebook as to how to best manage this day-to-day juggle.  Here are some great tips  (from those who know best) on how to preserve some sanity:

  • Hire a cleaner
  • Use the dryer (shock horror)
  • Plan meals – boring we know, but worth the effort
  • Get up half an hour earlier (have an extra coffee), you’ll be amazed how much you can get done before the kids are up
  • Use online grocery shopping
  • Do washing daily so you don’t have Mount Washmore at the end of the week
  • Cook more than you need and freeze the extra meals
  • Pay a student to help look after kids after school
  • Use a slow cooker (put it in the garage if you don’t like the smell of food cooking)
  • Give yourself a break – you’re doing a fabulous job

Rule of Mum: 10 Tips for Teens and Money

  • SurvivalTeach your teen the value of saving early. The money they save today can double or triple over time due to interest (if they don’t touch it!).
  • Promote goal-setting. Talk with your teen about what their goals are for their money and how they plan to get there.
  • Establish a set budget. Help them establish a budget that allows them to pay for things they want and provides a buffer for unexpected expenses.
  • Encourage teens to earn their own money.
  • Establish a bank account.  Bank accounts are important for building a financial history.
  • Talk about the debt trap.  If a person takes out credit for an immediate want, then they may be paying for it out of future earnings for a long time.
  •  Teach your teenager the value of shopping around and comparing prices and how to make their money go further by ditching the wants, buying on Trade Me and waiting for the sales, etc.
  • Help them to understand how they are pressured to spend, the choices they can make and the effect of delayed gratification on their finances.
  • Talk about how paying for the brand name eats money fast.
  • Explain how bank accounts, Eftpos, personal loans, overdrafts, hire purchase agreements and credit cards work.