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Real Live Mum: Courtney

Real Live Mum CourtneyWhat makes you a Mum?  The love I have for my children and the fact that they trump everything I ever thought was real and worth it.

Describe where you are right now.  I have two children, Ava 8 and Xavier almost 3. I work as an Account Manager at Radio Network and juggle work and homelife mostly by myself Monday to Friday as my partner works away during the week. Things have changed a lot in the last 6 months as I was only working part time then, so the whole family has had to adjust to mum working fulltime and the impact that that has on how the house is run and what our new routine is. My current mindset is I wish my partner didn’t work away because it is soooo hard to juggle everything but that’s because im tired and the kids were playing up this morning so I was late for work!! Feel grateful however that I have a great family and job!

Describe the last dream you remember having.  I have been having anxious dreams lately as we were recently burgled and I’m jumpy when my man isn’t home. Its been a feeling that has stayed with me because I cant stand the fact that people violated our home and everything we work hard for and they haven’t been caught. I do feel like seen as Hamilton has been described by police as the number one place in NZ for burglaries that there should be more of a focus on that by the police.

Use five words to describe your family.  Loud, loving, close, musical and busy!

What is one thing nobody knows about you?  Nothing springs to mind, people who are close to me know most things about me and my partner knows everything. Continue reading →

Put this on your to do list: I Love You Mummy

Having a bad day?  We live in a world of smart phones and high speed internet.  While our own mothers cherished a scrap of paper with our love you mum scrawlings on it, we can now carry photos (oodles of them) in our pockets on the genius invention that is the smart phone.

You have to love this idea though.  11 seconds guaranteed to warm any heart (and I don’t even know this kid!).  Make your own version and play it in the toilet to yourself when you’re having a bad day just to remember that you are the centre of the universe for your little person.


Real Live Mum: Michelle

Real Live Mum - MichelleWhat makes you a Mum?  I’ve heard the saying, ‘anyone can be a mother, it takes someone special to be a mum’ and I try to remember that and live by it. What makes me a mum though? It’s certainly not only the fact that I have a mini human that is totally reliant on me (or the stretch marks to prove it!), or the fact that my needs, wants and desires are my second priority now. It’s that every decision, every thought, requires me to double check that it’s going to work for both of us. Ollie is my number one priority. Always. Also, the warmth inside me when I hear my name, the name I’ve never been prouder to wear – ‘Mummy’.

Describe where you are right now. Sitting on the couch, at home, laptop open, answering these questions, while bribing Ollie with anything I can think of to give me ‘just 5 more minutes’ to finish these.

Describe the last dream you remember having. A slim body and lots of money! It’s a recurring dream that never seems to eventuate! But I don’t think that was the ‘dream’ you were referring to…On Sunday evening, I dreamt that my 9 year old was a child soldier in Germany, it was rather terrifying. He was ordered to capture me, which he did. I was held captive in the (very clean and probably nicer than my most homes) dungeon of this remarkable castle. I can’t complain, I was very well looked after, decent meals, a servant, queen sized bed…(maybe I was in a NZ jail?) A couple of nights later, in the dead of the night, he snuck me out and I escaped to the mountains. He told me he loved me and I told him to wash the vegemite off his face. Continue reading →

Real Live Mum: Deb

Real Live Mum - DebWhat makes you a Mum? The priviledge of being a nurturer and a teacher for life…and the fact that I turn around in public when any kid calls out “mum!!!!”

Describe where you are right now. At my piece of rural paradise, with a view of old oak trees from my dining table…

Describe the last dream you remember having. Last night I dreamed I had a meeting with my boss who was furious at me because I refused to go back to work yet..and she lost the plot with her clients and tried to throw them out and fight with them! (Obviously I had a guilty conscience because she really did ask me if I wanted some work!).

Use five words to describe your family. Loopy, Funny, Fiery, Energetic, Affectionate.

What is one thing nobody knows about you? I always wanted to be a private investigator and go on “stake-outs!”

What is your most treasured item? All my beautiful photo’s on the walls of our home – so many memories, stories, good times, celebrations.

When was the last time you broke a rule? This week! It’s more like a fib. There was a queue at a Police check point on my way back from town.  My baby was getting tried and grumpy and I was in a hurry to get home and put him to bed.  When I was stoppped and asked for my license, I really couldn’t be bothered…so as I reached for my bag, I told them I had already been through and got checked on the other side of the road 1/2 an hour ago. They politely apologised and waved me through! Continue reading →

Real Live Mum: Leda

Real Live Mum - LedaWhat makes you a mum? To me I always knew from age of five my dream was to be a mum, I really thought it was a job role that you took, but now at 33 I really see what it is to be a mum, it’s not a job it’s a barrage of different roles, the loving mum, the sensible mum, the fun mum, the cook, cleaner, the fixer, the peace maker the list goes on. But really to me I am a mum of 3 beautiful souls, I was gifted these three boys to protect nature love and hold close to my heart that I was so lucky to be given such a precious gift to show me the true values of life itself.

Describe where you are right now.  I am sitting in my lounge, I should be sorting my washing piles the size of MT Eden, around me, youngest at kindy older two at school, I have a list of things to be doing but a few minute quiet time doesn’t happen to often in my house hold, so I am taking it ….(would love to be on a desert island sipping pinna collates getting a full body massage… yeah right….) .

Describe the last dream you remember having.  I have amazing dreams, the last dream I remember was last night, I was out at a beach, I had a list of decisions that needed to be made, but I couldn’t figure out which was the right choice, did I take the job did I stay at home for a little longer with the kids, it was turmoil in my own head, I remember digging a hole putting my list in it and thinking it will come to me, I woke up to the words… “shine bright like a diamond” Rihanna”….. Still haven’t made any decisions but have had the song words in my head all day, I guess I should listen to the words and see if my answers are there.

Use five words to describe your family.  Lively, bubbly, happy, glorious souls Continue reading →

Real Live Mum: Susie

Real Live Mum- SusieTogether with the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation we are honoured to present today’s Real Live Mum.

What makes you a Mum?  Having a love so strong for your children you want to protect them from anything and do everything in your power to help them live a balanced life- good morals, good manners, help them with their homework, play and laugh with them and comfort them when they are hurt, and cuddle them in the middle of the night when they have nightmares about earthquakes or storms.

Describe where you are right now.  Sitting on my comfy armchair in the study looking out over the wetlands in North Canterbury.

Describe the last dream you remember having.  My grown up children and husband saying good bye to me as I was terminally ill in a hospital.

Use five words to describe your family.  Sporty Fun Playful Crazy Sensitive.

What is one thing nobody knows about you?  That unlike my outgoing personality I actually am sensitive to what people think of me, my family and my house!

What is your most treasured item? My wedding rings.

When was the last time you broke a rule? When I yelled and swore at my 6 year old yesterday!

What is your best piece of advice?  Yesterday is a HIstory, Tomorrow a Mystery, Today is a Gift which is why it’s called ‘The Present’.

When was the last time you forgot something important?  My girlfriend who lives in Okinawa’s 40th birthday.

What’s your #1 go-to “I’m shattered and I have to feed people” meal solution?  If it’s kids- Toasted Sandwitches, adults- a BBQ so I don’t have to do anything except throw a salad together and boil some potatoes.

Five minutes ago I was working out with my husband some flights to Wellington (he commutes for work). Five minutes from now I will be going for a walk with my 4 year old after I hang out the second load of washing :)


Real Live Mum: Kelly

Real Live Mum: KellyWhat makes you a Mum? Two little monkeys- Lockstar (Lachlan) and Logibear (Logan), what makes me a mum is the lack of ‘me’ time, the snot marks on the back of my work shirts and the fact that I would rather spend my weekends knee deep in sand mud or water than out shopping dancing and dining.

Describe where you are right now. I’m at work sitting at my desk with an avalanche of paperwork to get through.

Describe the last dream you remember having. The dream I last had was of me literally sleeping! Weird Huh – gosh it felt good though.

Use five words to describe your family. On the go every day.

What is one thing nobody knows about you? It’s probably something no one has actually realised – I am the youngest Dealer principal in the country – and female something I am pretty proud of being in a male dominated industry.

What is your most treasured item I have no emotional connection to things just memories and my family if you came into my home you would understand what I mean. Ha I get people come around and ask if I’ve just moved in? – maybe it also steams from having two boys under four, if I had a treasured item it would probably be buried in the sandpit by now.

When was the last time you broke a rule? A few weeks ago, I got a speeding ticket …running late for the Champions Charity luncheon shhh don’t tell my hubby. Continue reading →

Put this on your to do list: How to write to Santa

As I wandered around our supermarket this last weekend I was horrified to see Advent calendars for sale – seriously? It’s the beginning of October!

My kids started talking about Christmas and their wish lists, and the usual writing to Santa came up as something we will need to be doing.

Luckily Kid President as the writing of the official “letter to Santa” sorted. Check this out:

Real Live Mum: Hailey

Real Live Mum: Hailey

Together with the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation we are honoured to present today’s Real Live Mum.

Meet Hailey, a survivor.

What makes you a Mum? My four gorgeous children.

Describe where you are right now.  Lying on my couch watching apple T.V.

Describe the last dream you remember having.  I was winging my way to Europe.

Use five words to describe your family. Kind caring interesting fun and welcoming.

What is one thing nobody knows about you?  I’m an open book.  Not too , any secrets here. Lol

What is your most treasured item?  A necklace hubby brought me when we lived in Brussels.

When was the last time you broke a rule? Not sure.  However sometimes its easier to ask forgiveness than permission.

What is your best piece of advice?  To get the butt you want, you need to get off the butt you have.

When was the last time you forgot something important? Today….when I last took medication…oops

What’s your #1 go-to “I’m shattered and I have to feed people” meal solution?  Chinese yummy.

Five minutes ago I was resting.(Apparantly I have low immunity and have an acute infection). Five minutes from now I will be still resting.

Real Live Mum: Karin

KarinTogether with the NZ Breast Cancer Foundation we are honoured to present today’s real live Mum.

Meet Karin, a survivor.

What makes you a Mum? Hearing the word “Mummy” and knowing it belongs to me and will always be.

Fghting to be here (breast cancer) for myself but also for my girls and father of my children.Its a feeling deep inside that nothing can compare to.

Loving unconditionally. No matter what my girls do. Being there for them.

Being compassionate , caring and loving at times but  a discipliner at others. Being a mum is about compromising sometimes  and  putting things aside to be there for your children. time is everything.

Knowing that no matter how many children I will have I will have enough love for all and even more.

Describe where you are right now At the moment I am fighting (positively saying that )  breast cancer. I have had surgery and treatments, still one more procedure to go and radiation. I have three girls and I love them with all my heart. I am constantly trying to juggle what I love doing which is my charity ( Questioning if I am a good mum, what else I need to do, How can I do it better and trying to be the best role model I can for my children(2,3 and 6 years old).
I love life and I can wait to see what the future holds for me.

Describe the last dream you remember having.  It was actually today . I fell asleep again during the day (on medication from surgery) and I dreamt about my friend Kate and her partner. That we were all cooking a big meal together.(Haven’t told her yet ..hahaha) and we were in a different house. I suddenly realized I didn’t have a dish washer.

Use five words to describe your family. Happy, lively, blessed, giving, warm

What is one thing nobody knows about you? I cry sometimes, when I am heartbroken I can really go into a cocoon and cry. I can also cry when something has touched me, like a song.

What is your most treasured item?  My mother’s diamonds engagement and wedding rings and her heart pedant It was lost and stolen and in both incidents my partner found it for me..once even in the middle of the night while it was raining outside.  It has a really special meaning 

When was the last time you broke a rule? Probably parking and not displaying a valid ticket in the window

What is your best piece of advice? Be true to yourself and to the people you care for.Listen. Be kind and compassionate. Never give up.  

What’s your #1 go-to “I’m shattered and I have to feed people” meal solution?  It’s a really simple dish. I usually cut some vegetables such as carrot,broccoli,tomatoes, cucumber and celery . I quickly take out some dips . Hummus and Tahini that I make myself. Than I make Shaksuka which is an Israeli dish(this is where I am originally from). Baked eggs , capsicum and diced tomatoes. You can add spices and make it interesting. Toasts on the side make it easy to dip in too. It a really quick dish. 

When was the last time you forgot something important?  I usually write everything down. Because of chemotherapy I had a bit of memory issues which is getting better since I completed my treatments but with surgery recently performed, I have to make sure I have memo pads everywhere and alerts  on my iphone so I can remember.  I always have a calendar filled in and printed on the fridge so everyone knows where I am and what to do, (even taking out the rubbish bin) 

Five minutes ago I was  watching X factor and looking at these questions. I actually had tears in my eyes when this amazing singer was performing. WOW!  and five minutes from now I will go and have something to eat and relax. 


Spring Has Sprung at Rainbow Springs

Rainbow Springs - family and baby kiwiIt’s spring; a hint of summer is in air, the flowers are blossoming and at Rainbow Springs, the kiwi are starting to hatch.

Rainbow Springs’ involvement in kiwi conservation began in 1995 with the arrival of an orphaned egg and the hatchery has grown over the years to become the largest kiwi hatching facility in New Zealand, successfully incubating and hatching brown kiwi eggs from around the North Island.  More than 1,200 kiwi have hatched at Rainbow Springs and released back into the wild – a huge boost to the conservation of kiwi numbers.

Spring marks the start of the new hatching season, and by all accounts, the 2013-2014 season is shaping up to be another big one.  Kiwi eggs arrived at Rainbow Springs as early as June this year, one from Taranaki has hatched and another two from Maungataniwha (Napier) are incubating on-site and will arrive before the school holidays at the end of September.

There is also a lovely example of the love and care the extended family can offer siblings in the native bird world, with a caring ‘Grandad’ kiwi continually incubating and hatching eggs for his daughter.  The story begins with Tika the adult kiwi male who hasn’t quite got his priorities right!  So far his faithful partner Ahi has laid nine eggs, but instead of sticking to his fatherly duties and incubating the egg, as is the traditional kiwi male role, he wanders off relinquishing that duty to the chicks’ Grandfather Tahi instead.

It’s quite odd behaviour for a kiwi.  Adult male kiwi are supposed to incubate kiwi eggs, this gives mum a break after delivering such a huge egg, but not Tika! Thankfully granddad Tahi is doing a wonderful job.  Kiwi sit for a total of 78-80 days in the wild.  At Rainbow Springs, as part of the breeding programme they sit on the egg for the first 40-60 days, before it is transferred it to an incubator to complete the incubation. Continue reading →

Put this on your to do list: Blueprints

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 3.49.19 PMEarlier in the year our family had the BEST holiday overseas.  It was awesome and one of the best bits was that we hooked up everyone’s phone, camera, iPad, iPod, iPhone (and all the other electronic paraphernalia no one seemed to need or have 4 years ago) to the same instagram account.  It was the best because everyone was in charge of taking their own photos and we ended up with a set of holiday photos form everyones perspective.

We were flabbergasted by the different perspectives all of us had on the same location.  Kids were able to get closer than adults because they were cuter but the adults were taller so they had a different angle.

Once we got home I did one of the cleverest things I have ever done and uploaded the lot to prinstagram.  In about ten days a beautifully wrapped package appeared on my doorstep.  It was all our instagram holiday snaps – beautifully printed on lovely stock in vibrant colours. The prints were beautiful – so beautiful that we picked the best lot and got them framed.

I tell you this story because now the clever people at prinstagram have invented Blueprints – which is the facebook version of the very same thing. So you can take all of those photos you’ve accumulated from your committed facebook relationships and print them as individual photos, in frames, as posters and in books.  Best of all even though we are in little old New Zealand they have flat rate international postage which means you don’t have to mortgage the house to get the photos here.

So get your photos of your facebook wall and put them on your real one.

Real Live Mum: Tonia

Real Live Mum - ToniaWhat makes you a Mum? The immense joy, love and pride that I feel when I watch my two boys play, enjoy and explore their world.

Describe where you are right now. Taking time to think of the great “family adventures” that await me this weekend.

Describe the last dream you remember having.  The pet goats keep escaping and eating the newly landscaped garden (let’s hope the dream never comes to fruition).

Use five words to describe your family. Loving, Togetherness, Adventurous, Caring, Hearty-Gusto!

What is one thing nobody knows about you? That I used to wear a tea-cosy on my head (to keep warm) when I went to bed as a child.

What is your most treasured item?  The memories of friendships, family and fun that I carry with me. Continue reading →

Real Live Mum: Miriam

The Matthews Family Colour (78)What makes you a Mum? Having three children that I would do almost anything for.
Describe where you are right now. Sitting at the computer desk in the living room whilst my husband plays Tomb Raider on the xbox and my youngest sleeps on the couch (too scared to move her).
Describe the last dream you remember having.  This morning, in fact. I can’t remember much of it, all I remember is punching a glass window, it breaking and cutting my hand. I woke up with my hand aching as if I had just done that in real life.
Use five words to describe your family. Crazy, Loud, Loving, Unique, Strong.
What is one thing nobody knows about you? I like to curl up in really tight places (like behind the couch, between it and the wall) when feeling miserable.
What is your most treasured item? Photographs of my kids, but my most important one is of my youngest when she was only a day old, showing her gorgeous cleft lip and no feeding tube (she got it in just half a day later).
When was the last time you broke a rule? 7 years ago.
What is your best piece of advice? There is no such thing as ‘normal’.  Continue reading →

Win Two Double Passes To Rainbow Springs

Rainbow Springs - Big SplashIt’s that time again, the school holidays are just around the corner. Have you made any plans?

We are lucky enough to be able to offer you the chance to win two double passes to Rainbow Springs.  If you missed out last time this could be your opportunity to experience first-hand this stunning 22 acre park with a fun and friendly atmosphere.

If you would like the opportunity to win two double passes to Rainbow Springs, all you need to do is the following:

  • Check out the Rainbow Springs website  and have a look at the fun images of  The Big Splash.
  • Write a caption for one of the images in the comments section below (Mums on Top blog).

Make sure you have entered your caption by 5pm Monday the 23rd of September.  Good luck!

This competition is now closed.  Thanks for taking the time to enter.