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Words for Mums: Well behaved women…

The nice thing about this great print by Words I Give By is that it is available on etsy. Enjoy.

Words for Mums: We need to sleep more.

Words for Mums: What no means

Just say no We’ve had lots of discussions over the weekend where the word NO has featured a lot

“Can I have my ears pierced”? “No”,

“Can I have chocolate for dinner?”, “No”

the list goes on…

It’s always hard to be the “baddie” and say no to the requests that go on at home, it’s even harder in our professional lives to say no, or be the recipient of a firm no.

We found this blog post that tells us what the word No really means (in the business world)…

  • I’m too busy
  • I don’t trust you
  • This isn’t on my list
  • My boss won’t let me
  • I’m afraid of moving this forward
  • I’m not the person you think I am
  • I don’t have the resources you think I do
  • I’m not the kind of person that does things like this
  • I don’t want to open the door to a long-term engagement
  • Thinking about this will cause me to think about other things I just don’t want to deal with

What it doesn’t mean:

  • I see the world the way you do, I’ve carefully considered every element of this proposal and understand it as well as you do and I hate it and I hate you.



Words for Mums: Courage

It takes Courage

Words for Mums: Real Google Searches

Real google searches I usually drive home at the same time each night, and the radio station I have on in my car has a segment called “Scatter-googles”.  The announcers roll a dice and, using a listener suggestion for the first few words, type the words and a letter in to google to see what the autocomplete will say. Usually the results are pretty funny.

This photo is from a simple and powerful campaign idea from UN Women using real suggested search terms from Google’s autocomplete feature.

Campaign creator Christopher Hunt offers this summary: “This campaign uses the world’s most popular search engine (Google) to show how gender inequality is a worldwide problem. The adverts show the results of genuine searches, highlighting popular opinions across the world wide web.” Each ad’s fine print says “actual Google search on 09/03/13.

While Google users in different countries are likely to get different results, a quick test shows that several of these suggested terms definitely come up in U.S. searches. What do you see when you search in New Zealand?  Read what other country searches show here.

Words for Mums: School Holidays

LaundryYou know what I mean…

Words for Mums: Weird is Rad

Weird is Rad

Words for Mums: All over My Face.

Make Me Smile

Words for Mums: How to Have a Beach Body

How to Have a Beach Body

Words for Mums: Naps are pretty amazing

Naps are pretty amazing by Vaughan Fender

Words for Mums: How to help friends who hurt

Helping hurt friends These last few weeks I seem to have heard too many stories about friends who have had bad news. Be it a sudden, surprise illness, or an unexpected change in their family situation these friends are all hurting but attempting to hold things together for their families sake.

Not being the best at thinking before I act (always with best intentions, but not always the best timing) I went in hunt of some suggestions by others in the same situation. I found this on the LAtimes site and there are some simple and useful “rules” for friends who are wanting to help others.

Here are the rules.

The person in the center ring can say anything she wants to anyone, anywhere.

She can complain and whine and moan and say, “Life is unfair” and “Why me?” That’s the one payoff for being in the center ring. Continue reading →

Mum Reflections: Ronald McDonald House


Ronald McDonald House: The Anderson Family

To support Ronald McDonald House National Appeal Day we thought it would be a good idea to highlight the fabulous work this charitable trust undertakes.

New Zealand’s Ronald McDonald Houses support over 3000 families each year from all over New Zealand.

Here is how their home away from home makes a difference to families from our communities.

The Anderson Family, from Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay:

Lochlan (Lochie) Anderson , was born at just 28 weeks on 8th August 2007 in Wellington Hospital, weighing a tiny 690gms. At just 22 days old he contracted viral meningitis which caused a brain bleed, and consequently in 2008 was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. In February 2009 the little family started their six week block rehabilitation courses at Auckland’s Conductive Education, to get Lochie walking. Continue reading →

Words for Mum: Rules for my unborn son

Elvis I’ve really enjoyed reading this tumblr by Walker Lamond. He’s planning on posting 1001 rules for his unborn son (to date he is up to #570 – so a few more to go).



The advice #522 applies to this picture

More times than not, you will be judged by your shoes.


Reflect: Words for Mum

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 2.08.35 PMJOHNSON’S baby is excited to announce the launch of its Mum to Mum Project on facebook.

The Mum to Mum Project is a new initiative inspired by the shared bond of motherhood.

JOHNSON’S baby understands that whether you’re a first-time mother or an experienced mum with a growing family, every baby brings its own surprises.  It’s not always easy and sometimes a simple reassuring word from a fellow mum can go a long way.

The Mum to Mum Project has been designed to give mums from all over New Zealand and Australia the opportunity to share their little pieces of motherly wisdom with new mums. Continue reading →

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