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2013 Flashback #20: Raising my Rainbow

Raising my RainbowIf you didn’t meet CJ earlier in the year then take the time to acquaint yourself with this gorgeous 5 yr old. “C.J. (Age 5) – The most enchanting child you will ever meet with an insane knack for art and color, interior design and dance.  His passions include Barbie, Disney Princesses, Strawberry Shortcake and women’s hair and shoes.  Paula Deen holds a special place in his heart.”  This is a great blog that you’ll enjoy wandering through as a bit of summer reading.

2013 Flashback #19: A Mum Did This – My Mum Ran an Underground Railroad

My mother ran an underground railroad

Read about one woman’s memories of her amazing mum. Hayley writes: As a child, I didn’t understand most of the midnight phone calls to my mom, or the times women would come over with children in tow, sometimes even in pajamas, and I would be told to go entertain them while Mama ensconced herself in her bedroom with their mother.  Find out more here.

2013 Flashback #18: We found our son on the subway.

We found our son in the subwayPerhaps it is raining where you are right now.  Perhaps you just need a heart warming story to get you through the afternoon.  This story is the one that struck a chord with most of you this year – we love it – brings a tear to our eye.

2013 Flashback #17: Daily Dishonesty

Shopping is cardio How is it that someone in the world who has never met any of us channel our thoughts so completely. This Project spent a fleeting moment of Pinterest before capturing our hearts and minds completely.  Proof indeed that the MoT spirit isn’t just a New Zealand thing but an international movement.

2013 Flashback #16: A Mum Did This – Ali

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 10.48.10 AM

We all have probably more embarrassing incidents than we’d care to remember.  Find out what one of Ali’s from Babu is here.

2013 Flashback #15: Real Live Mum Rachael

Screen Shot 2013-03-14 at 10.33.08 AM

Best piece of advice ever from Real Live Mum Rachael.  Find out what it is here.

2013 Flashback #14 Widows Don’t Wear Black

Widow's Don't Wear Black We wrote an open letter to a friend of ours this year whose world changed dramatically in only a couple of months.  As part of helping her and her daughter get through each day she put us onto this amazing blog – Widows Don’t Wear Black.  We wrote about it and received an overwhelming amount of messages reminding us why we love out MoT community so much.

2013 Flashback #13: A Mum Did This – Sergeant Deanne

Saving lives and being a mum is all in a day’s work for Sergeant Deanne.  Find out what Deanne really wanted to be when she grew up here.

2013 Flashback #12: Re-designed Birth Certificate

Birth CertificateSometimes it is the small things that inspire you – this re-designed birth certificate inspired us to change the way we think about a lot of the projects we work on where we need to communicate information to people.  We love it – it is simple, easy to understand and more importantly it is a re-design of something everyone takes for granted.  Just our type of project.

2013 Flashback #11: Real Live Mum Janine

Real Live Mum: Janine

We love Janine’s story about taking charge of her maternal aspirations.  Find out more here.





2013 Flashback #10: Real Live Mum Anahila

image002 copy

You’ve got to love a mum who is more than happy to skip her ‘biggest loser’ family weigh-in in favour of going to her mate’s place to eat freshly baked coffee cake. Meet Anahila.



2013 Flashback #9: Just in case anyone is being an idiot about their body

How to Have a Beach BodyA gentle reminder for anyone not going for a swim because they feel some sense of embarrassment about their body.  Get down to the warehouse – get yourself some cheap togs and get in that water ladies – it is hot and water is good.  This statement struck a chord with more of you than any other this year.  We’re glad.

2013 Flashback #8: The Australian Women’s Weekly Birthday Cake Book

The Australian Women's Weekly Birthday Cake BookTotal genius.  We had fun writing this ode to one of the most wonderful publications ever in the history of ever-ness.  Lots of you shared your memories of your mother’s attempts over the years.  I aim to steal this one from my mother’s house this Christmas when she isn’t looking.

2013 Flashback #7: You are My Wild.

You Are My WildEveryone loved this photography project.  It wasn’t just a set of gorgeous photos, it was compelling, inspiring and humbling.  We still have our fingers crossed that some wonderful group of NZ Mum Photographers are going to approach us this year with a similar project – anyone – anyone – hello…??….

2013 Flashback #6: Scratchie World Map

Scratch Map One of the coolest finds of the year went to this little beauty.  We love it, we want it, we must have it.  Read more about the most excellent of details and features of the is piece of mappy genius here.