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A Mum Did This: Bam |+| Boo

Bam & Boo - A Mum Did This (The Market)The Mums on Top team loves to indulge in some quality online shopping so you can imagine our excitement when we were introduced to The Market.  Simulating a traditional market experience, The Market gives you the opportunity to virtually meet creators and find out what makes them worth supporting before ever handing over your credit card. Read their stories, peek into their creative space, learn about the processes, tools and people behind their products and ask them questions – without stepping foot outside your front door.

We’re excited to introduce you to the team behind Bam |+| Boo -  talented MoTpreneurs MJ and Toni who are offering you 10% off their full range on The Market with the discount code ‘bamboo10′ – all you need to do is simply enter this code during the checkout process. (This code is valid until April 30).

MoT loves all Mums – what flavour are you?

MJ: Second-time mum, can sometimes be “over it mum around” feeding time at the zoo.

Toni: Wannabe a fun mum! Ha ha, Loopy Mum, Mummy Mum, Organised Mum, and agree, “over it mum” at dinner/bed time!

Which Mum badges are you qualified to wear? 

MJ: Can basically operate with 3 hours total sleep-badge, wear pumpkin and kumara stains all-day without noticing-badge, Pre-school negotiating skills-badge and the 3-2-1 counting down badge.

Toni: Ha ha MJ, love your badges! Sleep-deprivation is a torture badge, I lost count how many times I got up in one night badge, toddler pee’s in inappropriate places while toilet training badge. Negotiating a Tantrum in public badge! Getting two children under 3y to a function on time badge! Every day deserves a badge in my books!

List the 3 biggest challenges you face juggling Motherhood with running a business. 

MJ:  1. Time- . Wearing so many hats  (wife, mum, cleaner, driver, cook, mumprenuer etc) you juggle everything as much as you can. I am always astounded how much more I can accomplish now as a mum running a business than the days when I just went to work.i.e. packing orders late at night to ensure our customers get it asap.  You don’t really have time to waste time as mum. You’re always on “duty”. When friends with no kids complain about “how busy they are” I just chuckle as I used to say the same thing.

2.  Huge learning curve- as a business owner, there are lots of areas that you need to know and be good at. It helps to have someone as a business partner that compliments your skill-set though.

3.  Haircuts- gone are the days of a 3 hour cut and colour and maybe a leisurely lunch.  its now a quick stop in at the local “just cuts” for this mumma.

Toni: 1. Tiredness – as with MJ, packing customers’ orders late into the night and still trying to be the best mum you can the next day can be hard.

2. Giving everything 100% – this is really hard, as sometimes things fall between the cracks as you are juggling so many balls. Thanks goodness I have an amazing husband that picks up my shortfalls!

3. Running at full speed for so long you forget about looking after yourself, making time for yourself is the hardest thing to do I find.

How does The Market NZ make the juggle easier for you?

MJ: Market NZ is a great channel for mums starting their own business. Their knowledge and support make the huge learning curve of starting a business seem less daunting.  Also, the team is fantastic, as some of them are Mums too. 

Toni: The Market is fabulous as you do not have to worry about maintaining a website. If you do not have your own website, the Market is where you need to be!! It is a very user friendly process from Product entry to sale with great systems in place to launch your products.

What are your words of wisdom for fellow MoTs on jiggling the juggle?

MJ: Have a fabulous business partner that is in the same boat as you.  It makes it so much easier. Half the battle of starting a business as a mum is being a mum. When things go pear shape. not sleeping, or sick, -we understand what that means and support each other as much as we can.  Our ‘weekly business meetings are always a hoot- wrangling toddlers and feeding bubs. You won’t see that in a regular boardroom.

Toni: MJ has hit the nail on the head, we are so lucky to have become friends and then business partners, utilise each other’s strengths and support each other’s weaknesses. Keep everything out in the open and you will go from strength to strength. (not just your business, but personally also). Don’t be afraid to ask for help, family and friends are amazing, keep them in the loop. Before you start an idea, research, research and more research! 

What three words would your friends use to describe you?


Toni: Fun, Princess, Organised, (oh and LOUD too!) ;)

What did you want to be when you grew up?

MJ: I wanted to be an archaeologist so bad.  I watched Indiana Jones about ten million times. Later on I realised it was my desire to wear khaki shorts and a floppy hat.

Toni: See this is why I love my business partner, she makes me laugh – we genuinely do laugh A LOT ☺Hmmm I wanted to be a fashion designer and a primary school teacher.

What is your favourite thing to do on Sunday? 

Toni: Do something with my three boys (being my husband and our two sons 11months and 3 ½ years) its normally exploring at the beach, flying kites, riding bikes or seeing the boys grandparents or aunties.

What embarrassing incident have you never gotten over?

MJ: When I congratulated a NOT pregnant mumma about her pregnancy at my kid’s swimming class. It was a very uncomfortable 20 mins. Suffice to say I moved swimming lesson days. ☺

Toni: When my then toddler weed not once, but twice on my girlfriends electric fancy pants treadmill and carpet… gah!

10. Life is good when….

MJ: When everyone is asleep. 

Toni: Everyone is happy ☺


Real Live Mum: Jaquie Brown

Real Live Mum - Jaquie BrownWhat makes you a Mum? The fact that it’s taken me 11 days to read this email and have time to myself to sit down and reply. Oh and also that I grew two humans in my belly and now they live in my house.

Describe where you are right now.  Right now I’m on the couch with the laptop on my….lap and the E! channel playing in the background – it’s where I get all my current affairs and breaking news stories. I have just put both kids to bed. Read it, BOTH (Leo 3 and Ivy Belle 10 weeks)  on my own because my man lover (aka husband) is working late. First time this has happened, was terrified I’d not be able to manage it, managed it, feel invincible. 

Describe the last dream you remember having.  Honestly they have been nightmares. Nothing funny to report just pure awful nightmares about things happening to my kids. Not sure why my subconscious is churning out such gut wrenching horror when I’m trying to get my beauty sleep but there you have it. 

Use five words to describe your family.  Messy, amazing, loud, precious, adorable.

What is one thing nobody knows about you?  Nobody knows how much I love High School Musical 3. Except you. And anyone reading this. Damnit.

What is your most treasured item?  We have a chair and table set from the 70’s and of course any family photos or photos of me where I don’t have a double chin. (Quite rare).

When was the last time you broke a rule?  I often eat things past their best before date, I’m quite rebellious.

What is your best piece of advice? Everything is better with butter. It’s so profound and true, it really speaks to me on so many levels.

When was the last time you forgot something important?  Went to Waiheke Island for a day trip with Ivy and forgot nappies. Ug.

What’s your #1 go-to “I’m shattered and I have to feed people” meal solution? Chuck an entire chicken in the croc pot and ignore it all day. Steam cauliflower and puree with butter and salt and add veges. Boom. 

Five minutes ago I wasBecause this has taken me days to complete, I’m no longer on the couch, I was having a much needed nap.  Five minutes from now I will be…collecting Leo from daycare.



A Mum Did This: Paper Dresses at a whole new level off – I need to be honest – I’m not sure if this freaks me out or if I am just in awe.  We’ve all been to one of those kid’s parties where the party game is to make the dress out of newspaper/toilet paper and a roll of sticky tape right?  If you’re anything like me then if you’re involved then there is going to be some type of skirt and  bodice and then I’m pretty much out.

Ok maybe a paper flower brooch thingy. But then I am really really out.

Well this mum takes that party game to a whooooole new level. The story goes…

“It became clear Angie’s daughter (she calls her “Mayhem”) was more interested in fashion than the average 4-year-old. Mayhem shunned her store-bought princess dresses and started wrapping herself with scarves and sheets creating her own styles.

Then one day Angie got tired of finding her clothes in Mayhem’s toy box and suggested they make a dress out of paper. Mayhem loved the idea and they haven’t stopped creating paper dresses since.”

The results are both horrific and awe inspiring – you must check out the celebrity award outfits – read the article and you’ll see where I’m coming from.

Real Live Mum: Jacinda

Real Live Mum: Jacinda

Together with the The Child Cancer Foundation we are honoured to present today’s Real Live Mum.  

Meet Jacinda from Wainuiomata, Wellington.  Jacinda is Mum of Zariah, age 6, who was diagnosed with Leukaemia on Feb 13, 2012.

What makes you a mum? Having someone that relies on me to lead and guide them.. Making choices that involve my kids and it not just been about me.

Describe where you are right now?  I’m in my house haha.. No really I’m enjoying being a stay at home mum to my 3 beautiful full on girls as well as working.

Describe the last dream you remember having? Finding out that someone had put 2billon in my account going to the bank to see the manager to find out that it was all mine.. Sadly when I woke and checked my account this was not the case… Very sad hahahaha 

Use five words to describe your family? Beautiful, kind, loving, courageous, full of life.

What is one thing nobody knows about you? I very much don’t like people touching or coming near my neck/throat.. “Shivers”

When was the last time you broke a rule?  Probably giving my daughter Zariah KFC when told not too… She was on steroids there’s no arguing with a child on steroids lol.. It worked out fine tho hahaha.

What is your most treasured item? Oh totally my iPhone for sure haha, no really I would definitely say my wedding ring.

What is the best piece of advice?  Life live to the fullest have no regrets.

When was the last time you forgot something important? Me forgot something important? Never! hahaha.

What’s your number 1 go-to I’m shattered and I have to feed people meal? For my family would totally be noodles and eggs on toast. For other people would be let’s do takeaways.

Five minutes ago I was cooking saveloys for the girls. Five minutes from now I will be going back over these questions.

A Mum Did This: Krystal

A Mum Did This - Krystal

We are in love with the group that Krystal has started in Hamilton, the Hamilton Surfing Mums – New Mothers Group.  Krystal is passionate about surfing and about enabling other busy mums to juggle young children with surfing. The idea of the group is that mums are able to surf while the remainder of the group looks after her little one(s) and then vice versa. Mum-genius. Krystal is also an accomplished photographer – check out some of her work here:

MoT loves all Mums – what flavour are you? (Pick as many as you feel best describe you): I would have to say I am a Natural-go-with-the-flow-mum, New/Young/SAHM/ casual-or-when-ever-I-want-to-work Mum, with abit of ‘over-it-mum’ but ‘wouldn’t-have-it-any-other-way-Mum. Oh and also ‘Very-lucky-to-be-a-mum ‘. There ya go that’s my flavour.

Which Mum badges are you qualified to wear? (Again, pick as many Mum badges that you have earned based on stages you have survived!):  I’m currently pregnant with #2! Survived and continuing to survive the following: Exploding nappies, Rinsing out those exploded nappies(cloth), Tantrums, Archy back episodes (especially getting into the car seat), 2 years of continuous night and day feeding, being violated in public when my daughter pulls my shirt down, I’ve also got the ‘No ears wanna do whatever she wants’ badge (I’ve got quite of few those badges if anyone wants one??) the list goes on…..

List three things that have changed since you started the Hamilton Surfing Mums page.  Not a whole lot really, we are still pretty fresh and getting our feet off the ground, its a little harder  trying to organise it in a town where naturally there aren’t are whole bunch of surfers because we are a 30-40 minute drive from the beach. But we are getting there!!! We still manage to hit the surf no matter the circumstance at least once every 2 weeks.

What are your words of wisdom for fellow MoTs on jiggling the juggle?  Have Charity (to be giving of service/time, of love & kindness, and to give of all these things unconditionally). Have Faith (choose faith over doubt & fear, faith in everything good, faith that when we are doing all we can to be a good person, we will be taken care of).  Have Love (for everything and everyone). Have Hope (hope in the future, hope for humanity, hope in God in His goodness and His power) - with these four things you can’t go wrong in every aspect of life! I promise.   I do my best to live by these 4 things, BUT because I am human I am always falling short, but I think the key thing is to do our best and improve on that each day.

What three words would your friends use to describe you? free spirited, creative, charger…. thanks guys.

What did you want to be when you grew up?  A photographer!!yay, and a professional surfer! Im a professional in my daughters and husbands eyes??? lol. And anyway who needs to be pro these days when you’ve got children and surfing mums. Not me.

What is your biggest fear?  Being stuck out in Gi-normous surf and being held under. Also Tsunamis, and other natural disasters they freak me out especially now that I have a beautiful daughter I think what would I do?? aaaahhh

What is your favourite thing to do on Sunday?  CHURCH!! with my husband, Lance, and daughter, Peppa. I have soo much x 10000000 to be thankful for and this is how I show my love and appreciation, by going to church on a Sunday to be inspired/uplifted and to learn more about Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven.

What embarrassing incident have you never gotten over?  Uuuhhhh which one? lol too many to name but I’ll roll with this one..I was at a shopping mall here in Hamilton and there was a kids concert going on down stairs on the first floor of the mall, we were able to get a good view from the 2nd floor near an escalator so we positioned ourselves there.  I thought it would be a good idea to lean up against an operating escalator (yes, against the black rotating band, what was I thinking) and in doing so the escalator tugged on my shorts (loose fitting) pulling them down to my ankles leaving me crouching down in my undies trying to pull them back up. I was sooo embarrassed and in shock I nearly started crying right then and there (but I didn’t),  I pulled them back up and almost sprinted back to the car.. Lets just say I am very lucky that they didn’t get completely ripped off of my body. How cool am I? Hahah. Very.

Life is good when….it’s always good, ALWAYS. We just need to be in the right frame of mind to see the beauty and goodness around us. It is ALWAYS there but the ability to see it may not be.

It is especially good when:

- I hear my precious 1 year old girl, Peppa, tell me she loves me. Melts my heart she does.

- with my family/loved ones

- I am active, eating good whole foods

-  at the beach/good surf

- I am home

- I am being creative

- get a good op shop find



Real Live Mum: Leilanie

Real Live Mum - LeilanieTogether with the The Child Cancer Foundation we are honoured to present today’s Real Live Mum.  

Meet Leilanie from Wellington.  Leilanie is Mum of Angel who is three and was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia in May last year.

What makes you a Mum?  I have a child and her name is Angel!

Describe where you are right now.  I’m enjoying life with my family, friends, and my spiritual life…

Describe the last dream you remember having.  I’m still in school, checking the subjects that I need to take to finish my course.. 

Use five words to describe your family.  We love to have fun!

What is one thing nobody knows about you?  I’m afraid of cats!

What is your most treasured item? Cellphone and wallet!

When was the last time you broke a rule?  Every day!

What is your best piece of advice?  Trust in The Lord, for he will not forsake us!

When was the last time you forgot something important?  Last 14 Feb..

What’s your #1 go-to “I’m shattered and I have to feed people” meal solution? It’s google to the rescue!

Five minutes ago I was I was wondering how I can cope up with Angel’s condition. Five minutes from now I will be celebrating life because Angel survived! 

A Mum Did This: Chanelle

A Mum Did This: Chanelle

Chanelle O’Sullivan is passionate about helping rural mums who are struggling – so passionate in fact – that she took over the Farming Mums NZ page and turned it into a Facebook group for like-minded people to chat, share experiences and go to for advice. Chanelle’s work recently received recognition from Federated Farmers who fully support her drive for greater recognition of women on the farm. Impressed? We are.

MoT loves all Mums – what flavour are you? Well I suppose I’m not quite a ‘new mum’ anymore so perhaps – Young Mum (a mum at 23),  SAHM in some ways. I work 1-2 Saturdays per month at a vets, on farm where needed, I study via correspondence and run my Facebook Page.

Which Mum badges are you qualified to wear? Dribbling, Crawling, Walking, Throwing a Tantrum, Messy Bedrooms (My 2 year old has just moved into her big girl bed – which means when she doesn’t want her afternoon sleep – she empties her drawers out). 

List three things that have changed since you started the Farming Mums NZ group. I have developed a passion. I never really had one or two things that were really at the top of my list – Now I really believe FMNZ is important to people – It’s become a huge part of my life (I think my husband believes that it is the 3rd person in our relationship). My life has become really quite busy. I find I work best under pressure so this is generally a good thing. People want to talk to me! Reporters, The heads of other related organisations – It’s been very exciting and I’m flattered, I can’t wait to see what FMNZ will evolve in to.

What are your words of wisdom for fellow MoTs on jiggling the juggle? I’m not sure how well I am jiggling the juggle at this stage… Dinner gets cooked, washing gets done, the house is just passable. Something I would advise – and need to do myself is turn off your phone/computer after 5/6pm! Also I try to make sure I play with Izzy during the day (Trampoline, painting, drawing etc) It’s all about balance…this is something I haven’t mastered yet – but in an ideal world. Balance! Family, food, exercise, work, study, gardening, the house etc. I can usually do 3 of those a day where I would like to do all of this, each day, well!

What three words would your friends use to describe you? I asked some friend so will use my favourites ;) – Motivated, Passionate, Ballsy! (My Dad said - ”pushy, demanding, impatient, In a good way”)  Continue reading →

Real Live Mum: Faith

Real Live Mum: Faith

Together with the The Child Cancer Foundation we are honoured to present today’s Real Live Mum.  

Meet Faith from Levin.  Faith is Mum of Noah who is ten and was diagnosed with a pilocytic astrocytoma posterior fossa tumour at age five.

What makes you a Mum? Pregnancy, childbirth, sleepless nights, sticky fingers, midnight cuddles with butterfly kisses. These are some of the things that makes me a mum but most of all I became a mum that moment I held each of my children and looked at them and thought “hello there, I know you. …you have always been here haven’t you waiting for your time to join us.”

Describe where you are right now. Well physically I’m at work haha but where in life I am? Ok well I am a full time midwifery student with 3 children and I work 8 hours a week at a midwifery resource centre.  My husband and I finally own our own home! Which by the way comes with a load of responsibility sigh so I guess you could say I’m a busy mummy/student/wife/grown up ;D Gosh I hope that’s what you meant with the question.

Describe the last dream you remember having. Hmmm I had a very vivid dream of attending a friends birth the other day. Right from the hectic drive to get there in time to the supporting during the labor to the birth to the magical moments after. It was a very exciting and touching dream. Hopefully it will be a reality soon eekkk!

Use five words to describe your family. Strong.  Close.  Giving. Faithful. Humor.

What is one thing nobody knows about you? Wow Ummm…….. I would like to be a surrogate mother to give someone else the gift of motherhood. Oh and I am a feminist :)

What is your most treasured item?  That one is hard my wedding ring it was my Nanas and my birth great grandmother’s engagement ring (I’m adopted) these things can not be replaced.

When was the last time you broke a rule? I think I drove over the speed limit yesterday opps naughty right!

What is your best piece of advice? Always remember that every decision you make you always make to the best of your abilities and knowledge. No one wants to make a mistake, no one does it on purpose so don’t kick yourself. Don’t even allow guilt to enter into the picture.  As mothers we always question ourselves about what we are doing, stop! Remember every decision you make you have made with the best of your abilities and knowledge at that time. Don’t regret it learn from it.

When was the last time you forgot something important?  Gosh I do that all the time but last night I forgot a event at my son’s school I felt horrible but then again so did my son and husband and everyone haha. It’s been a long week.

What’s your #1 go-to “I’m shattered and I have to feed people” meal solution?  Wraps!  Mince with taco sauce and even thrown in baked beans.  Grated cheese and carrots.  Microwave wraps for 30 secs and put together with sauces and mayo mmmmm. Voila! Fast easy and semi healthy hehe love it!!!

Five minutes ago I was chatting with a lovely stranger at work :) . Five minutes from now I will be studying about Women in Aotearoa while eating a chocolate biscuit dunking it in my coffee shhh don’t tell.








A Mum Did This: Nikki

A Mum Did This - NikkiNot too many mums can claim that they run a brewery out of their garage, Nikki however is one of the few who can.  When Nikki isn’t busy weighing out hops at Baylands Brewery, you can find her being Mum to two little girls and a puppy.

MoT loves all Mums – what flavour are you?  Mum(mmmmmmmmmmmmmm) mum according to my kids.

Which Mum badges are you qualified to wear?  Currently wearing the Walking, Throwing a Tantrum and the Starting School badges – finally think Im over the food on my shoulder ruin my top badge.

List three things that have changed since you started brewing beer in your garage?  My wine consumption – I used to love a glass of wine on a Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday (okay and if I’m honest Sunday as well) now I opt for a beer because its just down stairs and its always cold.  I always make sure I’m out of my pjs and have my hair done by 8am on the weekends. We have so many people come around to do things that it’s not a good for our brand or our image if I greet them and my hair is so crazy they cant see my eyes.  I stopped working in Communications and Marketing to do this. It’s that good old kiwi attitude of giving something a go. We couldn’t do it with both of us working. It’s been interesting to have a bit of a career change for a bit.

What are your words of wisdom for fellow MoTs on jiggling the juggle?  Every Sunday I sit down with a list of days of the week, dinner menus for the week and things to do so I know exactly what I need to do on what day. The list sits on my kitchen bench. I plan my days into hour chunks. I know that sounds mad and I never used to be like this but for trying to do Massey, the beer stuff, the kid stuff, exercise and everything else I do its the only way that it works for me. I make sure I include an hour a day of something I want to do.

What three words would your friends use to describe you?  Well I asked my friends on Facebook this question… I was surprised at the answers. Most people said Lucky, generous and energetic. One said I was mad.

What did you want to be when you grew up?  I grew up on a sheep and beef farm near Taumarunui. I can remember wanting to be a sheep shearer for a very long time – that was until I discovered fly blow and the maggots that you have to shear off the sheep to help treat them. The dream quickly disappeared.

What is your biggest fear?  Earthquakes they are so unpredictable. I fear that I wont be able to get to the kids and my family.

What is your favourite thing to do on Sunday?  Go to the Harbourside and City markets in Wellington with the kids  (Aidan my husband is usually brewing on Sundays). The market is a great way to encourage the kids to choose healthy food options and help them plan our meals for the week.

What embarrassing incident have you never gotten over?  Gosh only one – I was on holiday with some girlfriends last year. We were checking in and I had packed an electric tooth brush in my carry on luggage. I didn’t realise it had turned itself on and to my horror I got asked to open my bag and remove my vibrator. I have never lived it down. The airhostesses tried to keep a straight face. Of course there was all dodgy jokes. Now I only pack un-battery operated toothbrushes when travelling.

Life is good when….You go to bed and can go to sleep without lying awake thinking about all the things you need to fix or do.


Real Live Mum: Miss Whiskey

Real Live Mum: Sarikha

We met and were intrigued with Miss Whiskey when she introduced herself to us on Facebook. Miss Whiskey writes an honest, beautiful and often humorous blog which we have spent (we wouldn’t want to say wasted!) a LOT of time reading (all in the name of research).  Now it’s your turn…

What makes you a Mum? The fact that my whole world has been turned upside down within the past five months and now revolves around a tiny human, whom I have never met, but love more than anything I have ever loved in this world.

Describe where you are right now. In the most far away place possible from the stripclubs I dwelled in only last year, which now seem like memories from years ago. I’m on an island where the sun always shines and nobody knows my name.

Describe the last dream you remember having. I had a dream last night of an ex girlfriend telling me to rub colostrum under my eyes.

Use five words to describe your family. Dysfunctional. Alternative. Abnormal. Hysterical. Irreplaceable.

What is one thing nobody knows about you? One of my favorite childhood songs was Harry Belafonte’s Banana Boat Song, (Day-O,) and even now my butt has a mind of its own and starts wiggling whenever I hear that funky tune.

What is your most treasured item? I try not to get too attached to material things, but I can’t go too many nights without my beloved Fox, the stuffed toy I sleep with.

When was the last time you broke a rule? I had salmon on a bagel for breakfast the other day. I’m going straight to hell for being a naughty pregnant lady.

What is your best piece of advice? Keep your head, heels and standards high.

When was the last time you forgot something important? I forgot to mention to my mother, (whose birthday I have forgotten for the past five years,) that in three days I’ve invited thirty people over to her house for a barbecue… I should probably give her a call…

What’s your #1 go-to “I’m shattered and I have to feed people” meal solution? Can’t beat a good ol’ spag bol with the cute dino- shaped pieces of pasta.

Five minutes ago I was coming home from a mission to the local store to buy feathers and facepaint. Instead I returned with a new cot, baby clothes and cute stripey paper straws. Don’t ask me how I managed that.  Five minutes from now I will be preparing myself to leave the house again to go get what I came for. In the famous words of the late legend, Michael Jackson; “Don’t blame it on the sunshine. Don’t blame it on the moonlight. Don’t blame it on the good times. Blame it on the [baby].”


A Mum Did This: Andrea

A Mum Did This - Andrea (Precious Children)We fell in love with Andrea when we found her inspiring story in an article online.  A former child abuse sufferer, Andrea has created “Precious Children”, which aims to clothe every one of the 60,000 Kiwi babies born each year in a body suit with a strong message -  ”Precious, rare and unique, therefore to be treated with care”.

When Andrea isn’t contemplating selling her home to provide every newborn in New Zealand with a onesie emblazoned with a powerful message she can be found being a busy Mum of four…

MoT loves all Mums – what flavour are you?  Mum Mum, New Mum, Old Mum, Over it Mum, Young Mum, Solo Mum, Fab Aunty, SAHM, Fairy Godmother, Working Mum, Mum Who is a Dad, Grand Mum, Wannabe Mum.

I’ve been a Mum Mum…. but it’s more like Mum? Mum? MUMMMM??! x4!!! I’ve been a New Mum a Solo Mum and now I’m an Old-ish Mum, a Working Mum and a Grand Mum…. soon it’ll be Nana, Nana, NAAAANA??! 

Which Mum badges are you qualified to wear? I’m Pregnant, Dribbling, Crawling, Walking, Throwing a Tantrum, Asking Why?, Starting School, Messy Bedrooms, In Love with One Direction, Slamming Doors, Grunting, Smelly with Attitude, Borrowing the Car, Left the Nest. Wow… that’s what 20 years looks like in a paragraph… and I still have 2 wee darling blessings to bless… I have worn all these badges but one, I must say, I have never had any that have been in love with One Direction, just my son wanting his hair to look ‘cool’ like theirs and wearing waaaaaay to much hair wax in his hair!!! :)

List three things that have changed since you started the Precious Children initiative. What stands out the most is my heart… and the hearts of my children… every night I hear my wee 6 year old daughter and my darling 10 year old son praying along side me for the children of this Nation… and I am always so humbled to hear their such sincere, sweet prayers.  My values in life have changed over the last 3 years, since beginning Precious Children NZ … I used to spend money on pretty, shabby chic things for my house, but now when I see something that I like, I just can’t help but think of how many precious wee babies could be blessed instead… my home is my home because of the people who live within it, not the ‘things’ that are in it.

What are your words of wisdom for fellow MoTs on jiggling the juggle? Family first, always…. follow your heart, never ever give up… but most importantly, believe in you!

What three words would your friends use to describe you?  I had no idea, so I asked them… they came back and said “Compassionate, Sincere and Believes”… they’re being incredibly polite… ohh bless them!! (I also asked my mother and my daughters…. my mothers reply was ‘Who’s this?’ and my 18 year old daughter said “I’m not your friend, ask them lol”) they had me in hysterics all afternoon :)

What did you want to be when you grew up? I wanted to drive trucks, big trucks…. I had a thing for “Mac and Kenworth” trucks. Hmmm… I’d still like to do that one day!

What is your biggest fear?  To be honest, I don’t have any fears… I used to, but not anymore… I used to fear the thoughts and opinions of others, but I’ve learnt to believe in me and that when you are truly passionate about something… ‘you will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.’

What is your favourite thing to do on Sunday? Going to the beach on a sunny Sunday afternoon with my children… just being together, the laughter and that gorgeous smell of the fresh salt air. 

What embarrassing incident have you never gotten over?  Hahaha, I would never tell that to anyone, that one will have to stay with me… it’s just waaaay to embarrassing!!!

Life is good when….We choose to make life good… it’s about seeing life as a gift, everyday… learning and growing from all life’s experiences… so that we can bless others, our children, our friends and even our neighbours.

Real Live Mum: Tarryn

Real Live Mum - TarrynWhat makes you a Mum? I think it is the fact that I put my children above everything else. I firmly believe that I’d be nothing without them and can’t imagine how I lived before they were all born. Doing things non-parents wouldn’t even think of for the sake of being a Mum is another thing that defines me… would you willingly let a child vomit all over you just to save them from being scared? A mother would!

Describe where you are right now. Right now I’m sitting in my dining room, which has been converted to a computer room. We have a printer, a couple of desks, a rug, photo frames galore and a china cabinet in here. It’s actually a perfect central location to the house… I can check on kids whether they are in the front or the back of the property and I’m in between the kitchen and the living room!
Describe the last dream you remember having. The last dream I remember having was my Dad divorcing my Mum (Mum didn’t feature in the dream at all), we were all in the old farm we owned when I was in my early teens and he ended up marrying a foul mouthed pig of a woman and I was swearing my head off and was shaking I was SO angry with the mistreated of my father. Crazy times lol
Use five words to describe your family. Strong. Loving. Close. Blended. Perfect.
What is one thing nobody knows about you? I secretly microwave ice-cream in a cup for a few sections for a ‘thick shake’ effect!
What is your most treasured item? My aqua marine necklace my grandfather designed for my grandmother before he died. This is now my mothers but I’m keeping it safe around my neck for her till she visits us from Canada (they moved their a year ago).
When was the last time you broke a rule? About 20 minutes ago. I just ate cereal when it wasn’t breakfast time! lol Bad Mommy ;)
What is your best piece of advice? Don’t sweat the small stuff! It will just tie you up in knots and you’ll forget how to enjoy the good things.
When was the last time you forgot something important? A couple of weeks ago when my daughter nearly missed her Kip McGrath assessment and the lady had to ring me and ask where I was! Luckily they still squeezed us in!
What’s your #1 go-to “I’m shattered and I have to feed people” meal solution? ooo… umm!! 2 minute noodles! (or spaghetti on toast)
Five minutes ago I was giving my daughter cuddles and a boob feed. Five minutes from now I will be taking kids for a walk to wear them out, it’s not too hot and not too cold right now. Then dinner, bath n bed!




Real Live Mum: Lee Ann

 Lee-AnnWhat makes you a Mum? Putting my kids needs before myself whole heartedly.
Describe where you are right now. I am really enjoying my children, they so busy playing imaginary games – so interested how daily things become games, I also care for another baby during the week. I battled with postnatal depression although I think it was pure exhaustion combined with still dealing with immigrating to a new place….long transition that is finally completed, so really enjoying my happy place.
Describe the last dream you remember having. Me being pregnant with a third – we’ve been contemplating whether now or later or whether a 3rd at all and if the dynamics is right for our children and lifestyle.
Use five words to describe your familyLOUD, close, affectionate, expressive, fit.
What is your most treasured item? my children and husband
When was the last time you broke a rule? whose rules? mine, everyday, the law within the past year, nothing major…
What is your best piece of advice? if you love and feed your child in a safe enviroment – honestly to let them cry in their room/cot /somewhere safe till they fall asleep will not damage them. (my second didnt sleep well, he very much needed mommy – I gave in – I wish I had been stronger lead to 2 years of exhaustion but in the end even that passed.
When was the last time you forgot something important? to give an antibiotic on time about a week ago…is that important? – cant think of something else important- I know I forgot to say happy birthday to my husband 2 years ago felt terrible remembered when he received a birthday call…, was during that sleepless period.
What’s your #1 go-to “I’m shattered and I have to feed people” meal solution? oven fish and oven chips with peas – nandos if I didnt cook
Five minutes ago I was making afternoon tea five minutes from now I will be bathing children.

Real Live Mum: Alma

Real Live Mum - AlmaWhat makes you a Mum?

  1. It’s in my twitter bio (@_MsMoneypenny_) so it’s gotta be true!  It’s says so on the internet J
  2. I’m missing Nine Inch Nails and Queens of the Stone Age because I’ll be 38 weeks pregnant. 
  3. In all seriousness though, when I look into my daughter’s eyes, smell her stinky toes or get that giant hug I just know I’m not just a mum.  I am her mum and that is the most amazing feeling ever.

Describe where you are right now. Nestled on the couch in my pj’s at dusk, Miss 3 has gone to bed, Miss bump has finally stopped kicking (update that was a lie she was taunting me) listening to the Tui’s sing their little hearts out.

Describe the last dream you remember having. Sleepytime one?  I went into labour at the above concert mentioned in the first question, and caused so much of a fuss there that Josh Homme and Trent Reznor came and visited me in hospital.

Use five words to describe your family. Expanding, Non-Nuclear, Love, Acceptance, Weird Continue reading →

Real Live Mum: Courtney

Real Live Mum CourtneyWhat makes you a Mum?  The love I have for my children and the fact that they trump everything I ever thought was real and worth it.

Describe where you are right now.  I have two children, Ava 8 and Xavier almost 3. I work as an Account Manager at Radio Network and juggle work and homelife mostly by myself Monday to Friday as my partner works away during the week. Things have changed a lot in the last 6 months as I was only working part time then, so the whole family has had to adjust to mum working fulltime and the impact that that has on how the house is run and what our new routine is. My current mindset is I wish my partner didn’t work away because it is soooo hard to juggle everything but that’s because im tired and the kids were playing up this morning so I was late for work!! Feel grateful however that I have a great family and job!

Describe the last dream you remember having.  I have been having anxious dreams lately as we were recently burgled and I’m jumpy when my man isn’t home. Its been a feeling that has stayed with me because I cant stand the fact that people violated our home and everything we work hard for and they haven’t been caught. I do feel like seen as Hamilton has been described by police as the number one place in NZ for burglaries that there should be more of a focus on that by the police.

Use five words to describe your family.  Loud, loving, close, musical and busy!

What is one thing nobody knows about you?  Nothing springs to mind, people who are close to me know most things about me and my partner knows everything. Continue reading →