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Day 10: Ladies a Plate

Screen Shot 2013-12-10 at 7.03.41 am

My Little Geek Alphabet Book // Donovan’s Manuka Honey Boxed Chocolates  // The Collective Vanilla Bean Custard Gourmet Yoghurt // Breastmates Grace Dress //  Smurfs 2 DVD // Allens Snakes

In some ways being invited to a Summer BBQ at the last minute when you have kids is awesome. There is something wonderful about a bunch of kids playing together in a back yard while parents catch up and share food and a few laughs.  In other ways, however, it is a bloody nightmare – suddenly you have to provide food for you and the kids, think about what to provide if the kids get a little bored and make sure you look at least a little presentable.

This pack has it all – a delightful My Little Geek hard-board alphabet book, a box of scrummy Donovan’s Manuka Honey Chocolate, The Collective’s to-die-for Vanilla Bean Custard Gourmet Yoghurt, a stunning Breastmates Grace Dress, the kid-friendly Smurfs 2 DVD and a bag of Allens Snakes lollies.  Sorted.


Day 9: Bedroom of Awesomeness Makeover Kit

Bedroom of Awesomeness

Cardboard House // eeBoo Circus Adventure Textless Book //  Endemic World Blue Cloud Print by OSLO // Nuzilla ABC Print // Wallallure Lovebird Stickers // Music Box CD

Sometimes a bit of a DIY Makeover Project can be what a long summer holiday needs. We love this giveaway pack so much that we have almost kept if for ourselves.  Imagine the seriously cool job you could do to transform your little person’s bedroom with this prize pack?

Decorate the walls with this beautiful print from the team at Endemic World, an ABC Poster from Nuzilla and gorgeous Lovebird Wall Stickers from Wallallure.  Set up the cardboard house in the middle of the room as a bedroom within a bedroom and kit it out with favourite toys and the eeBoo textless book. The Music Box CD completes your DIY experience and everyone is guaranteed to go to sleep ha

Entries to win this giveaway are now closed.  Thank you for taking the time to enter.

Day 8: Big Night Out

Big Night Out

L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick // L’Oréal Paris Nude Magique BB Cream //  L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Le Vernis Summer Collection in 5 gorgeous hues // Clairol Professional Fix Finishing Spray //  L’Oréal Paris False Lash Telescopic Waterproof Mascara // Clairol Professional Curls in Mousse Strong Hold // Aveeno Daily Moisturising Lotion // Lifestream Bioactive Ginger Capsules

Every MoT needs a Big Night Out once in a while but sometimes when you’re a Mum you can find yourself locating a long forgotten makeup kit only to discover a few dead silverfish, a mascara that is caked shut and a foundation that is in crumbs in the bottom of the bag.

The Big Night Out survival guide is perfect for this type of emergency situation because when you are a Mum – Big Nights Out do not come along everyday. Get ready with this L‘Oreal Make Up Super Pack filled with Telescopic Mascara, nail polish (in great colours like Wasabi and Watermelon) a fab nude BB Cream and a gorgeous lippy in tender rose that will make you look like a million bucks. Get your rock star hair sorted with some serious professional hair spray and mousse from Clairol.  Finally moisturise and smooth your gorgeous summer skin with Aveeno Daily Moisturiser.

And because everyone knows the damage a big night out can cause when you’re not as used to them as you used to be, we’ve had the lovely people at Lifestream include some anti-nausea pills to get you through the next day with the kids.  You’ll need to work out how to turn the volume down on your own however…

Entries to win this giveaway are now closed.  Thank you for taking the time to enter.

Day 7: She’s Coming – Act Natural


Endemic World African Animals Print // eeBoo Circus Adventure Textless Book // Monsters University DVD // Wallallure Dinosaur Wall Stickers /Nuzilla ABC Poster

Christmas holidays are a strange thing when it comes to parenting – at first it is great. The kids have been tired, it is the end of the year, everyone needs a rest from the end of year mayhem and you have missed your kids.

Let’s be honest though – fast forward to the 17th January and things have often taken a turn for the worse. You’re often out of ideas, spare cash and annual leave and if it is raining….well you get the picture. It is around this time that extended periods of silence when there are multiple kids in your house become very very suspicious.

This give-away pack is a great assortment of treats to pack away and open around this time. We’ve imagined it as a bedroom extravaganza for the kids – re-decorate with a beautiful ABC Poster from Nuzilla and Dinosaur Wall stickers from Wallallure, imagine a circus adventure with this beautiful textless book from eeBoo, laugh till you cry over the Monster’s University DVD and learn all the names of African animals with this beautiful African animals print from Endemic World.

Entries to win this giveaway are now closed.  Thank you for taking the time to enter.

Day 6: Clean Freak

Clean freak

Bissell Little Green Carpet Deep Cleaner // Earthwise Laundry and Baby Products

Some people think having a clean house is anti-women or anti-real life.  But (like many women we know) we love clean.  Some may call us a little OCD but that is never a bad thing.  Embrace your inner clean freak with this amazing pack of Earthwise Products and vacuum to your hearts content with a beautiful new Bissell Little Green Carpet Deep Cleaner.

We love Earthwise products not just because they do a great job but also because they smell so damn good.  We also love their attitude – do what you can with what you have. They know that Mums can’t always afford to be totally green and they acknowledge that every little bit helps – we love that about them.

Stand proudly with the leagues of other mothers that love a good clean floor, clean sheets on the line and a freshly vacuumed carpet. You know you love it.

Entries to win this giveaway are now closed.  Thank you for taking the time to enter.

Day 5: It’s all fun and games until someone spills the Christmas fizz.

It's all fun..use this version - picstitch


Five Little Monkeys Santa Sack // Pumpkin Patch $200 Voucher // Happy Little Poppets Range // Nuzilla ABC Poster

You know the moment I’m talking about. We all do.  It happens on Christmas Mornings, at large family celebrations, at Grandma’s house and always, always in any restaurant that even begins to call itself fancy. It is inevitable – you cannot stop it. It is the curse of all parents everywhere.

What happens is as follows.  You have dressed your child – in a special outfit, perhaps newly purchased.  Your child is undoubtedly cleaner than usual – hands are clean, hair is washed, brushed and all remnants of the mud bath they were in only a short time ago has vanished.  You have made it out the door and you are only 15 minutes late.  Every child within your grasp is under strict instructions to keep their outfit clean upon pain of death.

You breathe out and look around – you are the picture of motherhood perfection.

Then Grandpa gives them that too high, too tall, too slippery glass of raspberry fizzy and in one tip over the tablecloth and onto the carpet, the moment is gone.

Dream big anyway and get your cherubs ready for Christmas Day with this gorgeous pack of Happy Little Poppets bath and hair range. Dress them in the perfect outfits with this amazing $200 Voucher from the wonderful people at Pumpkin Patch. While you get ready, keep them occupied in front of a gorgeous ABC Poster from Nuzilla and waltz through the door at Grandmas with a Five Little Monkeys santa sack under your arm.  The rest is up to you…

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Day 4: Silence is Golden

Silence is Golden

Donovan’s Chocolate Bar Range // Palmolive Ayurituel Tranquility Body Wash // Revenge DVD Season 2 // Scandal DVD Season 1 // Donovan’s Dark Chocolate Covered Ginger

You know that moment.  The one where the last story is read, the bath plug has been pulled out and the last plastic toy has floated towards the empty plug hole.  The last request for a drink of water, a tuck in or a cuddle has been uttered and you know once and for all that they are truly and completely asleep.  That moment of silence is truly golden and a moment of luxury that only a parent can understand – it is this moment that today’s giveaway aims to celebrate.

Relax in your suddenly silent home with a hot shower and a Tranquility Palmolive Body Wash. Curl up with two DVDs and become absorbed in the lives of the rich, famous and gorgeous with  Scandal AND Revenge.  Keep your stack of Donovan’s chocolate within arm’s reach – and when we say stack, we mean stack - King Size Bars of Manuka Honey, Chilli & Lime and Kiwifruit as well as a Pouch of Donovan’s scrumptious Chocolate Coated Ginger.

There is only one rule – this moment is not for sharing – make sure you destroy any evidence so the kids have no idea there was any chocolate consumed when they wake up in the morning.

Entries to win this giveaway are now closed.  Thank you for taking the time to enter.

Day 3: Hello Summer Survival Kit

Hello Summer Pic  Suckie Pouches // Toodles Noodles Black Tote With Gold Printed Sheep // Prinstagram Little Book // Neutrogena Deep Clean Mulberry Foam Cleanser // Neutrogena Beach Defence Water & Sun Barrier Lotion // Obiqo Gentle Face Wash // Schwarzkopf Osis Refresh Dust Dry Shampoo // Mustela Protective Cream // Le Tan Tanning Gel

The quintessential New Zealand Summer experience is the beach – we’re famous for it and when it comes to an inexpensive family activity or holiday no one can really beat a bit of sand and surf. We know you remember those days pre-kids when all you needed was a towel and a bikini (go on you vaguely remember bikinis) and $5 for lunch.

The truth is life after kids means taking a little more to the beach than you used to which is why you’ll need a gorgeous Toodles & Noodles tote in which to carry all your lovely summer swag. Start the day with Neutrogena Face Wash and then slather on Neutrogena’s Beach Defence Sun Block before you hit the sand with your tribe.  There is Mustela sunblock and towel for the kids as well as a host of delicious suckie yoghurt pouches from The Collective (which will keep them full until lunchtime at least).

Once you’re back at the bach you can cover your strap marks with Le Tan Tanning Gel and make your self feel whole again with an Obiqo Face Mask and Osis Dry Shampoo. Delicious.  Last but not least, relive your summer moments with a stunning little photo book from Printstagram.

If you’d like to win today’s prize pack simply leave us a comment below.

Entries to win this giveaway are now closed.  Thank you for taking the time to enter.

Day 2: “I don’t need a fancy holiday – I’m just happy with a trip to the toilet alone” Sanity Pack

Day 2

Nivea In Shower Body Lotion // Phillips Shower Radio //  Donovan’s Happiness Chocolate Selection

Before you became a parent you thought going to the toilet by yourself was something everyone did, but since you’ve had kids you’ve come to understand that even the toilet is fair game. As @honesttoddler puts it “Tired of these adults trying to lock bathroom doors behind them.  It’s the toilet not the pentagon.  LET ME IN”.

Keen to win? Leave a comment below! Competition runs Dec 2nd 7am – midnight.

Entries to win this giveaway are now closed.  Thank you for taking the time to enter.


Day 1: Witching Hour Survival Kit

Pic Stitch The Witching Hour - final.

  Velour Hooded Robe // Nuzilla ABC Poster // Baby by Earthwise // eeBoo Circus Adventure Textless Book // Wallallure Midnight Butterflies Wall Stickers // Donovan’s Feijoa Milk Chocolate Bar

Only a parent knows the feeling in the pit of their stomach that comes with 4.30pm.  The time when kids must be fed, bathed and put to bed in a flurry of food smeared across faces, soap in their eyes and negotiation on just one more story.

Bring a little bit of sanity to your witching hour with these beautiful Earthwise Baby bubble bath, body wash and soap before you wrap your little person in their gorgeous Babu Bathrobe.  Once they’re in bed spray the room with Earthwise Baby Sleep Spray and let their eyes wander across a bedroom wall covered in butterflies from Wallallure and adorned with their own Nuzilla ABC Poster.

Leave them to drift off to sleep with their textless book of a Circus Adventures while you escape to the lounge and scoff a delicious King Size bar of Donovan’s Feijoa Chocolate.

Leave a comment below to enter – it’s that easy!

Entries to win The Witching Hour giveaway are now closed.  Thank you for taking the time to enter.

Win: Disney’s Super Buddies or The Jungle Book

Super Buddies DVDWe’ve had tornado warnings for Auckland and the “spring” weather has battered the country. Perfect timing for a DVD giveaway!

Jungle Book DVD

We are lucky enough to have 5 copies of each of Super Buddies and The Jungle Book to give away.

All we need from you are your suggestions for the quick sanity checks, the free ideas to help others get through those last few days of the holidays

Comment below and tell us your idea.  Make sure you include which DVD you’d like to win.

This competition is now closed.  Thanks for taking the time to enter.


Review the LEGO® Friends Olivia’s Beach Buggy set

LEGO FriendsDo your kids love LEGO or have they yet to be introduced to these magical building blocks and accessories?

The LEGO Friends range is all about introducing your child to the world of LEGO building fun and better still, the range is compatible with all other LEGO bricks.

We are lucky enough to have a LEGO Friends Olivia’s Beach Buggy for you to review.

The LEGO® Friends Olivia’s Beach Buggy set includes:

  • Olivia mini-doll figure
  • Purple Beach Buggy with a wrench and real rubber tires
  • Accessories including a surfboard, coconut tree and a beach stand with an ice block and fruit (pineapple, lime, orange and banana)

Calling all reviewers! If you would like to review and keep the latest release from The LEGO® Friends range – Olivia’s Beach Buggy then all you need to do is:

Leave us a comment below telling us one of your memories of LEGO from when you were little – whether it be that you threw the biggest tantrum of your life because your poor mum wasn’t able to build the LEGO castle of your imaginings or that you poor dad had to painstakingly paint a green dot on each individual piece of your LEGO so that you wouldn’t fight with your brother over whose LEGO belonged to whom.

Make sure you share your story by 9am Monday the 26th of August and we will notify the lucky reviewer later that day.

We would love the review (complete with your photos) to be up and running on our blog by the first week of September.

This competition is now closed.  Thank you to everybody who entered.

Susie’s Review of the BISSELL AirRAM

Bissell AirramOh! The excitement when I opened my new Bissell Air Ram vacuum! It is very simple to put together and as soon as I had charged the battery we were ready to go. The battery takes around 4 hours to charge from empty and gives you approximately half an hour worth of power. However my home only takes around 15 minutes to whip around and the battery holds its power really well. So I have found that I am getting 3 vacuuming sessions on one charge.
The handle is excellent and makes the Air Ram very easy to maneuver. The amount of swivel in the head ensures that you can glide around table legs and under the couch without much effort at all. Sometimes when you watch the advertising for products like this you see how easily the actor sashays around looking like she is totally enjoying a household chore…..with the Air Ram I actually felt like that actor. Some of the wondrous and plentiful things that we managed to inhale with this vacuum were crushed Pringles from both wooden floorboards and a childs playmat; popcorn, sand!!! (I know! Sand right out of the cracks in the floorboards!); and it passed the all important ‘removal of glitter from car mats’ test – many thanks to my friend who sent a parcel filled with glitter and sequins for my daughter and I, without thinking, allowed it to be opened in the car!). Continue reading →

Finish the sentence to enter to win a Smashbox Eye Brightening Mascara

Smashbox Ok, so here’s how you play to win a Smashbox Eye Brightening Mascara:

We have started the first part of a sentence below. The next person to register a comment is to finish that sentence and post another sentence for the following person to complete – easy.

Let’s see what type of story we end up with when the competition closes at 12pm on Friday the 16th of August.

Give it a go and the main thing is to have fun with it!

Finish this sentence:

“The last time I was invited…”

This competition is now closed.  Thank you to everybody who entered.




Win a JOHNSON’S Baby Pack

http://www.johnsonsbaby.comWe all know how challenging it can be to become a new mum.  Support in any shape or form is often hugely appreciated.

With that in mind, do you know of a new mum who might enjoy a JOHNSON’S baby starter pack?

The pack contains:

JOHNSON’S baby powder

JOHNSON’S baby wipes

JOHNSON’S baby top-to-toe bath

JOHNSON’S baby lotion

JOHNSON’S baby shampoo


Leave a comment below with the name  of the mum you would like to nominate for the starter pack and the reasons why.


Entries close Sunday the 26th of May at 5pm.

This competition is now closed.  Thank you to everybody who entered.