WIN: 1 of 4 Wreck it Ralph DVDs

Phew –  you’ve made it through the first week of the holidays…congratulations.Wreck it Ralph

We hope you managed to stay dry in the wet weather that always seems to come during the holidays, or at 3pm when it’s school pick up time.

In order to help you get through the next week we are lucky enough to have 4 copies of the fabulous Wreck it Ralph movie to give away…so we want to hear your ‘wrecking’ stories. We are making this a quick give away (drawn first thing Monday morning so we can get it to you before the end of the holidays – just imagine 120 minutes of peace!) so make sure you get in to win!

Leave a comment below, telling us how you or someone you know has wrecked something…it can be anything from pouring water in the petrol tank in the car to leaving the oven on low & leaving a plastic bag on top of it, then smelling the melted plastic (this one may be from personal experience!)



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40 Comments on "WIN: 1 of 4 Wreck it Ralph DVDs"

  1. Nikki Bollen says:

    My body. Wrecked it having kids :) 2 Caesareans, Stretch marks, floppy boobs and no energy.But hey, I love my kids to bits and will take a wrecked body over no kids any day!!

  2. Renee Boyer-Willisson says:

    I identify with poor Ralph – my hands seem to turn into ‘hulk smash’ fists whenever I try to anything crafty. Sewing machine needles break at my approach; origami paper crushes itself barely before my fingers have attempted the first crease, and plants wither to save me the bother of trying to grow anything!

    I remember trying to make a stuffed toy tortoise for ‘sewing’ (I think it was actually called ‘technicraft’ in those days) which required me to zig zag stitch a bunch of semi-circular pieces of material together. I certainly learned the hard way that I don’t have the patience or finesses required for zig zag stitch – luckily I’m not to heavy-footed when I drive!!

  3. Carena says:

    My husband dropped a tray of 100 cupcakes I had spent hours decorating as animals for a fundraiser, on to the driveway as he was taking them out to the car!! A bit of yelling & tears on my part, but soon had to see the funny side of it! ;)

  4. Chont says:

    I have an autistic son who has sensory problems. His fine motor skills aren’t very good; he’s heavy handed and brakes EVERYTHING! He has smashed the glass on our entertainment cabinet, broken a drum, window blinds & CD player. They’re the only things I can think of off the top of my head.

  5. Ruth says:

    My darling boys wrecked my favourite makeup. They were very quiet one morning and I eventually found them in front of the bathroom mirror ‘doing their faces like Mummy’.
    My lipsticks were completely ruined, but I had to laugh! I made them their own makeup bag with the old stuff and bought myself some new makeup which I kept well hidden.
    They are now 10 & 11 and don’t play with my makeup anymore….lol!

  6. Tina says:

    Our dryer… It had a squeak so I decided to take it apart… Needless to say its now winter and still it squeaks but doesn’t go at the same time!

  7. Amanda Henriksen says:

    Well the Canterbury earthquakes technically have caused the most wreckage in my life with materialistic things. All my wedding china, glass, crystal, oh and the actual house is munted. The twin pregnancy I had first time round with my first two boys has ruined my tummy and that was followed by my breasts being wrecked with my third son. Breastfeeding twins and then another child with not long between is hard work, but I love my boys.

  8. Rebekah Taylor says:

    carrying a 12 foot piece of gib (with my husband on the other end).. I was exhausted after doing this over and over… and I tried to go around the corner too fast and it snapped in half… My husband started to get mad when I looked at him and told him to try carrying it himself next time… Yeah he shut up pretty fast… and It was only one piece… thankfully… But I will NEVER EVER carry GIB again… EVER!

  9. Katy says:

    Wrecked some leather gloves pulling myself up a frosty handrail when we lived up 50 icy steps when heavily pregnant and living in Wellington

  10. Gretchen says:

    I’ve managed to wreck a number of things in my lifetime (as have my kids in their short times so far also!) but there was one particularly memorable occasion when I managed to wreck the shower wall as a teen – by cleaning it! Ok, so it was probably my head that really did it, as I was on hands and knees scrubbing a particularly tricky patch when my balancing hand shot out from under me and my head slammed into the wall as I pitched forward. Typically for me, my head was absolutely fine…but there was a hole in the wall that required the side panel to be replaced before anyone could have a shower again!! I suspect that perhaps that bit of wall wasn’t the strongest, but of course I was teased about my hard head for quite a while after that :-D

  11. Susan says:

    baby brain story – I was boiling the bottles on the stove to sterilise them, and forgot – went into town to do groceries. Came home to a house full of smelly plastic smoke and bottles that were completely ruined. Lucky I didn’t burn the house down. Went back to town to buy more bottles, AND a mircrowave steriliser!!

  12. Miriam Matthews says:

    Perhaps the funniest ‘wreck it” moment in my life would be a school holiday, my mum, step dad and I had gone up north, undies needed a quick dry, so my mum put them in the microwave…. Next thing I have burnt, scratchy undies :/

  13. ruth says:

    the washing machine is the wrecker in our house- to date it’s victims are: 2 mobile phones, 1 ipod, 2 pocket diaries, 2 kids watches and multiple tissues, receipts etc. Don’t get me started on the 1 highly dyed coloured item (shall we call him sock) that throws itself into the load of white at the last minute- what have I ever done to deserve this!

  14. Kirsten McKenzie says:

    Whilst husband, who rates himself as a home handyman, was trying to locate the source of a leak in our bathroom, he started drilling holes in the gib on the other side of the tiled wall. Seven large holes later, the source of the leak was still a mystery. He happily announced that we’d just hang a mirror over the gaping holes in the other room. The perfect male solution?!

  15. Kym says:

    I’m cursed with an “idiot” gene that according to my dad has been passed thru his family. I lose keys, wallets, bags, small children quite often. I’ve left the jug, tea towels, plastic bowls etc on the oven a few times then turned an element on. Too often loads of washing have had tissues & a few with disposable nappies in them (no idea how cause I use cloth naps!). I’ve left the pug in the sink & bath a few times & the tap on…. Its a curse!! Thank god my dad has been understanding cause hes just the same :-) My mum & now my gorgeous husband have learnt to live with us. I suspect my 6 year old son maybe the same ….sigh….

  16. Laura says:

    Just last night after my birthday dinner my brother in Law managed to smash a chyrstal bowl we were given as a wedding present when he was drying the dishes :( Im still really upset about the very pretty bowl that is now in pieces on my bench.

  17. Veronica says:

    Wrecked our laptop by spilling red wind all over it, oops. Also left a plastic chopping board on a warm element on the oven and when I pulled it off took a few layers of the ceramic glass from the element.

  18. Kim Lancaster says:

    My son poured his glass on water over my mobile coz it was ‘funny’. Not so much!

  19. Emma J says:

    I was running a bath for miss 2.5. She was playing on my iPhone. I think you can see where it goes from here. She says she wanted to have a bath with it. Needless to say I needed a new phone. :/

  20. Vanessa says:

    When our kids were younger they were playing in the car which was parked in the driveway. The driveway has a slight rise in it. The older of the two tried demonstrating what happens when you take the handbrake off. Needless to scythe at slowly rolled forward, into the garage, and came to a stop thanks to the law mower. The car rolled straight ahead at a slow pace so it wasn’t at break neck speed or similarly no one got hurt. Fortunately the car was okay but the law mower a write off and the window behind it needed replacing. Thank goodness for insurance! And we got a new law mower too and there was no more playing in the car after that!

  21. Amy McKay says:

    When I was about 6 I had a miniture tea set it was special becaue I had only a few toys any way I come home from school oneday to find my then 3 year old brother throwing my tea set of the deck onto concreat so no more tea set for me as it was all smashed but one piace I treasered that one piace and still have it today 25 years later

  22. Debbie F says:

    Bought a new (second hand) car and my partner backed the new car into the old car!! Was actually relieved that I wasn’t the first one to ding the new car though (and still haven’t!) hehe

  23. Rebecca says:

    I can wreck it!
    I lit the fire while hubby was at the hospital with our eldest boy… I heard something drop on the hearth and me oh my I had left the fly swat on top of the fire place and it melted to the grate.
    Luckily I also fixed it (cleaned it up with a metal fish slice) but I will never live it down!

  24. Rachael Kelly says:

    In one week my 2 year managed to flood the upstairs bathroom and all the water came through the dinning room ceiling, then a couple of days later he slotted kindling wood inside the guard at the back of the fire , we lit the fire that morning and then I went out shopping my husband was lying on the coach watching tv, the wood starting smoking and then went on fire , when I walked in their was smoke resting up by the ceiling and flames coming up from the fire. Husband hadn’t noticed as he was lying down. I would love to say that was the last time he flooded the bathroom but alas it wasn’t he did it again not long after we had it replastered and painted.

  25. Daina says:

    Ha ha I have three little boys – hard to find something that isn’t wrecked in this house! From mega-spills on carpet, to felt pen on their beds, to scratches & dents in all the furniture & car, to highlighter all over the computer keyboard, to broken handles on cupboards, the list goes on & on…

  26. Ashley Montgomery says:

    I was driving up my friends driveway and her lovely old cat wouldn’t move. Whilst ensuring I didn’t run over her cat I drove into her son’s bmx bike! Eek :/

  27. Angela S says:

    Good old classic leaving a fork in the bowl when putting something back in the microwave after stirring it. Then wondering where the cracking sound is coming from… swiftly followed by electrical popping – and then a non working microwave. Felt like such an idiot!

  28. Sara says:

    For ages I had wanted to buy a non-stick frying pan that did not have teflon (because it’s highly toxic) so when I found one for half price ($50) I was thrilled. I used it a few times – great, loved it! Then one time I was cleaning it and I couldn’t get a mark off so I got it in my head that it’d be ok to use a scourer – nooooo! No surprises – I wrecked the nonstick surface.

  29. Louise tanguay says:

    Two Kindles have died recently in our house, after experiments from our youngest 2 kids. In case anyone wonders, dancing on a kindle very definitely permanently stuffs it beyond repair!

  30. Alison Pollock says:

    I can so relate to the plastic bag on the stove. We have an old free standing stove and one of the back elements is now out of action due to it being covered in plastic from a bread bag being melted all over it. Sometimes I turn on that element by mistake and then you get this horrible plastic smelling out the whole house.

  31. Kelly says:

    I had one of the original round crock pots with a plastic outer. As our kitchen was small I used to put it on the stove while it was cooking. Turned on an element to boil some water for veges, and walked away to do something else. Not long after I could smell burning plastic – rushed to the kitchen to find I had turned on the wrong element, and my crock pot had melted all over the stove! The fumes were so awful that I ended up taking the kids to McD’s for tea and leaving the house wide open so that the smell could dissipate. Took a bit to get the hardened plastic off the stove top too!

  32. Leslie whitehead says:

    Dropping my mobile phone into the bath when I was giving the kids a bath last night.

  33. Susannah says:

    My daughter…although she wasn’t thinking about the repercussions at the time her favourite doll ended up looking like it had had heart surgery just like my daughter…when I had finished repairing the doll is had a ‘zipper’ scar up its chest :) (and numerous other ‘scars’ too!) It’s still much loved and going strong though, 7 years later.

  34. Penny says:

    Before my first daughter came along I wanted to freshen up the curtains so succesfully washed on one side and then one sleep deprived morning put the other in the washing machine but forgot to put it on cold delicates so melted and ripped the backing and needed brand new curtains!

  35. Emma says:

    Our very “adorable” now 6 year old, we now call Ralph….he loved watching Ralph at the movies, I guess so he could grasp some fresh new wreaking ideas!! When he was 2 years old he decided to try to take apart the nightlight. Unfortunately it was still plugged in and turned on at the wall. We walked into his room to find him holding the two little wires inside….just in time!! His daddy is an electronic engineer and I guess he was trying to be like dad and see how it worked. I still, to this day do not know how he got it all apart!

  36. Liz says:

    Just before leaving home for an unexpected doctors appointment with my father-in-law, (while I had my 2 busy preschoolers with me) I decided that to keep them occupied I’d take hubby’s iPad with me. Knowing it was the worst time of day (late afternoon), I saw my mother-in-laws iPad and knew she wouldn’t mind if the boys used that too.. I figured if they had one each things would be easier! They were great for the first half hour, then starting losing it and the little one wet his pants, all whilst I was trying to talk with the doctor. A bit stressful to say the least. So afterwards I was wrangling a wheelchair and 2 kids and trying to help my FIL into the car and just didn’t have enough hands. I set the i-pads carefully on the bonnet of the car as I opened the car doors and got everyone in and sorted. And drove home.

    As I pulled up outside our house, I noticed an ipad sitting on our car bonnet. I freaked out, and searched the car in the hope I’d put the other one inside. I hadn’t. Driving back to the doctors, I saw it sitting in the middle of the road, so pulled over to pick it up. I was SO relieved to see the screen wasn’t cracked at all.

    Got home and it turned out that although the screen wasn’t smashed, the corner was totally dented (had been driven over by a car or few) and it wouldn’t even turn on. And the worst thing is, it wasn’t my hubby’s ipad – it was my mother-in-laws. I cried!! Thankfully she was very understanding.

    So that’s the story of how I drove off with not one, but TWO i-pads on the bonnet of my car. And I wrecked my mother-in-laws i-pad.

  37. Lisa says:

    My washing machine wrecked a whole load of clothes it started eating them we didn’t know it was dying until finding holes in every item we washed needless to say some of my favourite things now have holes(but i still wear them hehe)

  38. Melissa says:

    My boy put the some pegs in the oven let just say I now look every time b4 I turn it on,

  39. Camille says:

    Well im a mum of 4 so have had heaps of stories over the years lol. But one I remember when I was young and was the second time staying at my Bfs (now baby daddys) parents and we borrowed their car to go to maccas for a feed, and I had to drive cause I had my licence so got to the drivethru then realized I drove past the speaker so had to reverse I little to order, anyhoo back I go and Bang crashed into the car behind me yep wat dumbass reverses in a drive thru me lol in my inlaws car I was mortified lol

  40. melissa says:

    My toenail, i pulled the couch over it and ripped it off

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