Win a Family Pass to Rainbow Springs

Rainbow Springs

  • Have you and your children ever seen a real live kiwi?
  • How about taken a boat-ride journey through time?
  • Have you experienced an exciting bird show featuring macaw, amazon parrots, galah and cockatoo?

No? Here’s your chance to go into the draw to do just that.  We are lucky enough to offer you the chance to enter the draw to win a family pass to Rainbow Springs in Rotorua – in time for the school holidays.

Rainbow Springs is truly an attraction like no other in the world. Set in 22 acres of beautiful native trees and streams they are home to a huge variety of New Zealand’s most precious inhabitants. This is a destination every family should put on their ‘must see’ list.

If you would like the opportunity to win a family pass (two double passes) to Rainbow Springs, all you need to do is check out their  website  with your children and plan your adventure around this stunning park. Children need the chance to see a real kiwi up close at least once in their lifetime.

Share your ‘grand plan’ in the comment section below.

Competition closes Monday the 15th of July at 5pm.

  • This competition is now closed.  Thank you to everybody who entered.



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33 Comments on "Win a Family Pass to Rainbow Springs"

  1. Lucy Knight says:

    I would love this! 13yo is a keen native bird watcher, so the canopy aviary is a must-see, plus the kiwis and the Bird Show!! 10yo would love the new ride :) ) It looks fantastic!

  2. Pam says:

    This is our grandplan: Arrive 10:30, go to playground. Bird Show at 11.30 then have lunch. After lunch onto the big splash and the the tuatara and exotic lizard enclosure and experience the trout. Onto the free flight aviary and then the kiwi encounters and back to the playground again to tire the kids out just a little more ;-)

  3. Liz Milner says:

    We would start out at the Tuatara & exotic lizard enclosure, then make out way through the trout area to the free-flight aviary before experiencing the big splash – i’m sure my 10 year olds would love it, not sure about miss nearly 4

  4. Rachel Hil says:

    Would love to be able to take my kids to somewhere awesome (things are tight at the moment), especially before the older two, aged almost 15 & 12, decide that taking part in family trips is no longer fun/cool – and the youngest 5, always feels he misses out on fun things while the other 2 are at their dads. Also, anything to get them away from ‘screens’ would be a great thing!! Haven’t been for over 10 years, took the oldest 2 there when my marriage broke up, as a treat.

  5. melissa giles says:

    As with most places if there a choice of way to go we start on our right and work around
    So it be kiwi, then free flight then trout, I think the lunch and play ground then bird show big splash b4 heading home.

  6. Karyn says:

    Leave home at 9am and arrive 10am. Go straight to.the big splash and the the tuatara and exotic lizard enclosure and experience the trout. Meander over to the Bird Show at 11.30. Then visit the free flight aviary and then the kiwi encounters and stop off at the playground on the way back to the car.

  7. angela huntley says:

    2 years ago i got pregnant and met my oartner. since i got pregnant and had child we have not had holiday. busy working on dairy farm me and my family think we need a great big holiday from the quiet life. we live in the middle

  8. angela huntley says:

    of no where with no neighbours so it gets boring here

  9. Tori says:

    In our family it’s all about making memories because Dad has terminal cancer. So we would leave Tauranga around 8am, arriving at Rainbow Springs at 9ish. That gives us the whole day to make the most of park. We’d definitely love to do the Kiwi Encounter, our son, who is in year 2 at school, has done a big study on Kiwi at school this year, so it would really cement his learning to see a real live Kiwi. The bird show would be interesting to see to learn about the different birds. Lunch would be at the cafe after watching the bird show, before heading to the Big Splash and the playground. What a great opportunity for our 2 boys, aged 4 and (nearly) 7 to have fun at Rainbow Springs with Mum and Dad … before it’s too late :/

  10. Kristyn Milson says:

    We would go on a Saturday, so would leave super early to make it in time for the Tuatara talk (my son would love this). We would then make our way over to see the water dragon close up. Then onto the bird show. By this time the kids would be itching to have a turn on the new ride (they have never been on anything like that, so I’m sure they may need several turns :D ) We would then probably re-visit the birds (especially the kiwi) and anything that really took the kids fancy, have a play in the play ground then set off for home. Wow, what a day! Hope we win!

  11. Liz Gilberd says:

    It would be 20years since I have been to rainbows end. We took and grandaughter and to watch her face as she saw kiwis and birds that she wouldn’t see in her any day live was just wonderful now I would love to take our great grandsons to Rain Springs.

  12. Simone Baird says:

    Just this past weekend we took our 17month old to the Zoo and were blown away by how excited he was with all the animals, especially the native birds at feeding time. We decided then and there that our next “adventure” outing would be to Rainbow Springs so when we saw this competition we knew it was fate! Making experiences is far more important than anything else so the grand plan would be: leave straight after breakfast, arrive and have a play on the playground (after being cooped u in the car) then hopefully it would be time for the bird show! Lunch at the cafe and then a quick alternate turn for Mum and Dad on the Big Splash, followed by a walk around the park feeding the animals would top it off perfectly. Getting excited just thinking about the joy it will bring to him (and us just quietly….)

  13. Marie snell says:

    Wow would love the chance to take my children here have been once when I was younger and would love to experience this wonderful place and its memory’s with my children they are age 9 6 and 4

  14. Andrea C says:

    Arrive and get inside without Mr2.5yo seeing the awesome playground (avoid tantrum no.1). Visit the aviary and ensure Mr2.5yo doesn’t try to feed birds his hands. Check out trout without hubby retelling childhood stories of catching trout to son more then 3 times (success!). Visit the bird show & enjoy sitting down in anticipation of the Big Splash! Bravely take on the boat ride and listen to my son’s pure enjoyment seeing his favourite thing – dinosaurs! Stop at the playground and wear out the last of my son’s energy before visiting the quiet world of Kiwi’s and getting up close and personal with our country’s history. Sounds like a perfect day to me!

  15. Donna Bunyard says:

    My 4year old son loves the Rainbow Springs ads on TV and is always talking about one day going to see the Dinosaur and the Kiwis. We would love to be able to take him on the Big Splash Ride.

  16. Kate W says:

    Our grand plan would involve feeding the trout, then wandering over to visit the kaka, then trying to find a kiwi before the bird show. We would have something to eat at the café and then spend the rest of the time at the big splash and playground before driving some sleepy kids home.

  17. Debbie says:

    Wow! Where to start! Trying to balance part time work and home life can be difficult but love to stretch the budget every so often to do something really cool! Rainbow Springs has definitely been added to the list! Can’t wait to take my little girl on the big splash! What a rush! Looks like there is a lot of wildlife to see next as long as its in time for the bird show – and those good ol’ kiwis, gotta show my little one a kiwi!!!
    Looks like an awesome place! Thanks for sharing :)
    Good luck everyone!

  18. Heather Dillon says:

    If we visited rainbow springs, I’d definitely love our family to do the Kiwi encounter, enjoy the walk around the native forest, feed the trout, and end the trip with a fun ride on the Big Splash

  19. Jo Steer says:

    It’s birthday weekend in our house next weekend. And this year we are running away from parties to soak up all of the delights of Rotorua. Since I decided this last year my son – who will be 8 while we are away – has been reading and planning about rainbow springs. We are going to start with the big splash, see the kiwi’s, feed the trout (he’s ‘ace’ at fishing now), go and look at all the birds because his brother likes them. Oh then come back when it’s dark, just because we can. And 1,000 trips on the splash as well. Would love to win this family pass as it would allow me to treat myself with the money we will spend here anyway. It is my birthday too (hopefully my boys remember me next Friday ;)

  20. kathyswords says:

    not to sure where we would start but we would do , try to see all the live shows and talks feed the trout . the big splash sounds like fun , hope that the five year agrees i know the teenagers would like it but we all enjoy the wildlife my youngest has not been down to Rotorua yet . she loves kiwis and i know she would have fun. I have not been back to your park since i was young.

  21. Kara Matthes says:

    Arrive as soon as the doors open all family in tow, pose in funny positions and with funny faces for the photographer, race over to the Big Splash and have a competition to see who can scream the loudest going down, who can make the funniest face when the camera takes your pic as you go down and who can ride the Big splash the most…walk over to the Native & imported forest and check out all the beauty it has on show, see how many animals we can count and name, feed the trout, drink from the fresh water fountain, into the Kiwi Enclosure to admire our beautiful native bird, attend the bird show in the hope we get to hold one of the birds and finally rest by the playground enjoying a yummy lunch, and just when the kids think we’re calling it a day – One last time of the big splash YAY!!!

  22. Nicola Fox says:

    We are visiting family in Rotorua in the school holidays & it would be great to be able to take my three children to Rainbow Springs. My 6.5yr old has designed our plan, starting with feeding the trout then taking a ride on the Big Splash. We would then see the Kiwis, take a walk through the forest & catch the bird show before having another ride on the Big Splash. There would also have to be a coffee stop at Wairere Cafe for Mum. How exciting!

  23. Kirsty mew says:

    Would love to win this pass. We were planning on heading to Tauranga these school holidays so would be nice to pop over to rotorua as we have been meaning to since the new ride! But haven’t had the chance :(

  24. Stacey Donn says:

    My mum turned 60 this year and she has asked that at some point this year her grandchildren come on a special trip with her to Rainbow Springs. Our adventure would start in Auckland, and we would drive to my parents place, meet my sister and her kids, and then all journey together to Rainbow Springs. We will most likely have packed lunches sorted, but once the kids ask their Nana if they can eat at the cafe I’m sure that will be included in our adventure. We’d start with the Kiwis, a must for every kiwi child to see, then work our way around to see the bird show, then make our way to the Big Splash, which I’m sure we will all be wanting to go on more than once. Once the adults have exhausted themselves we’ll take a rest while the children use up more energy in the interactive playground. Once we’ve refueled, and made sure we’ve seen as much as possible, we will jump in the car, where the kids will be asleep in minutes as we drive back home.

  25. Belinda says:

    Coming up from Taupo and meeting friends from Tauranga at Rainbow Springs which is the half way stage by the doorway into ‘The Bird Show’ would be our first stop off point giving the parrot a coin to drop into the jar. Then we will head off around the path to see the trout (I remember as a child being given a stale bun to feed the trout with years ago and I was so hungry so ate it as well as feeding it to the trout). See the lovely birds and then head off to ‘The Big Splash’ for a few splashdowns. Change clothes if necessary, have lunch then head off to see the Kiwi.

  26. Ck Smith says:

    this would b fab as we are planing a few days at top 10 camping ground in rotorua over school holidays, have this on long wish list of things to do.

  27. jodie hewitt says:

    Wow this would be fantastic for my family as my young sons have never been south of Auckland. We wouldn’t have any set grand plans as with young kids these never seem to go to plan but rather I would let the kids take us to where they want to go and see as there is so much to do. But definately on the list would be seeing kiwis up close would be fantastic and also making our way to the big splash as the kids love the water. In between something to eat at the Wairere Café which looks stunning. Thanks

  28. Heather Urquhart says:

    I would love to take my family back to Rainbow Springs, but reading Tori’s message above I think she is so much more deserving. If we did get to go we would make sure we saw the whole park working our way around the path, finishing with the big Splash ride and then maybe another round to the bits we liked the most, and then return to the park after dark to see the kiwis.

  29. Justine Wilson says:

    If we visited rainbow springs, I’d definitely love our family to do the Kiwi encounter, enjoy the walk around the native forest, feed the trout, and end the trip with a fun ride on the Big Splash.
    Wow! Where to start! Trying to stretch the budget every so often to do something really cool! Rainbow Springs has definitely been added to the list! Can’t wait to take my 5ear old girl and my 3year old on the big splash! What a rush! Looks like there is a lot of wildlife to see next as long as its in time for the bird show – and those good ol’ kiwis, gotta show my little ones a kiwi!!!
    Looks like an awesome place!
    Good luck everyone!

  30. Brown Family says:

    We live in Auckland so will find some accommodation first :)
    Our 4 boys are always up before the sun, so as soon as Rainbow Springs open we would be there!
    The boys would love to see the show at 11.30, so before and after that will be playing on the playground, eating (this will happen often throughout the day), seeing as many animals as we can and having a great day with the family! We love turning our adventures in to “I spy” games so would plan a game before we left of all the things they need to find, with some kind of treasure hidden at the end of the day :)
    We love visiting Rotorua, and this would give us a really good excuse to go there again :)

  31. tracey bennett says:

    I would love to take my grandchildren here they love animals and seeing them up close will be amazing we live in taranaki on to save money a picnic will be a must to but there such a great playground the big splash i cant wait at 50 I would fell like a big kid we would be excited to see the kiwis up close and seeing the expression’s on the gran kids faces whats best is listing to my granddaughter telling us all about it weeks later how exciting

  32. Deborah Hunter says:

    Wow with so much to see we would start with the tuatara encounter then wander through the aviary before seeing the bird show. Then after a stop for lunch and a play on the playground the big splash would be a must before visiting the kiwi and seeing the Morepork take flight. last of all tire out the kids in the playground and go home

  33. Sarah Conchie says:

    Our two young ones would thoroughly enjoy this!!The Kiwi, Tuatara, Jenny Kea and of course the DINOSAUR by the big splash Rrraaarrr!!!What a wonderful place to go and enjoy as a family :)

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