Win a Hatchling

Screen Shot 2013-04-16 at 11.47.02 AMAre you walls covered with kid’s artwork?

How about turning one of their masterpieces into a unique toy?

If you would like the opportunity to do just that then please follow the steps below:

To be in to win -

Entries close Monday May the 27th at 5pm

This competition is now closed.  Thank you to everybody who entered.

29 Comments on "Win a Hatchling"

  1. katie mounsey says:

    i think keychain versions would be awesome!!!

    • Vanessa Killeen says:

      I like this idea! How about a felt made mini Hatchling – send me an email. Vanessa, Hatchlings

  2. Renee B-W says:

    My daughter seems to spend half her life at the art table at creche, so we end up with great stacks of pictures which can’t all go on the wall, but I don’t like to throw away. I’ve started using them as present wrapping paper – people like it, it saves me money on wrapping paper which is usually just thrown away, and it’s recycling! Win all round :)

  3. Rebecca says:

    Get a collage photo frame and just use a section from each artwork to make an abstract collection which fits on the wall a lot more easily than all the originals!

  4. Tamsyn says:

    We always have a huge pile of kids art so we’ve started using it as wrapping paper for the kids friends. I also had an extra special one made into a necklace, which I love and always get such nice comments on :)

  5. Susan Stewart says:

    We use alot of their painted pictures as wrapping paper

  6. Sara says:

    I could never top the idea of making them into toys – it’s genius and they are so well done!! My kids art covers the walls of our house, and I have folders full of it. I have it in mind to scan/photograph their art and make a coffee table book – it’s a great idea, but who knows if I’ll ever get around to it!!

    • Vanessa Killeen says:

      That’s a cool idea too! You can make photo books through Harvey Norman and places, give it a go and make a story to go with the kids they’ll love it!

  7. meg says:

    Cut out small squares of each of the colourful paintings/drawings and then put them together kind of like a mosaic and frame it – actually makes for a really cool piece of art!

  8. Kim Lancaster says:

    Mousepad or placemats. Or print onto fabric and make into a quilt.

  9. Shani McLean says:

    The number 1 use would have to be GIFT WRAP! But is also great wrapped around cardboard boxes for better looking storage boxes or tins for pens and bits & bobs!

  10. Jody Hazlett says:

    The kids favourite art work is displayed on their walls, and we have a special wall in the lounge for art work of the week, or certificates etc. As the art work evolves as they grow, they want to change the art work on the wall, so what I do is take a photo of the art, and it goes into the photo books we make. We visit family in the North Island every 3-4 months, so I always make a photo book after each visit, and the photos of the art are nice to put in there as well, it kinda of captures that stage of their life, and then I’m not left with piles of art work in our tiny houses!

  11. paula hudson says:

    It would be awesome if you could make cushions out of the kids drawings or mugs :)

    • Vanessa Killeen says:

      Photographs can be put onto mugs with vista print – awesome idea!
      And I’d be happy to give a go with making a ‘Hatchling’ cushion – flick me an email :)
      Vanessa, Hatchlings

  12. Stacey Vinnicombe says:

    I just love spending a cool afternoon inside, drawing with my little one – but these artistic creations really do pile up, so here are a few things have done with them… suspend a line all the way around the top of his bedroom wall and peg the artwork on (becomes a colourful bunting of drawings), get a set of plan ceramics tiles and modge podge characters from his drawings onto them (these work as drink coasters which can be neat gifts) and decoupage a collection of paper artwork onto a desktop (must be protected with varnish but will be special to study on as a young student.

  13. Michelle West says:

    We make cards out of pictures its such a wonderful idea and the family and friends love it!!!

  14. anthony wadge says:

    My partner is so creative creating a photo height chart which looks amazing and is just finishing mounting a cross stich a personalised photo hanging. I think if she had the chance she would make quilt covers with the kids artwork as it could be something they could also keep for years.

  15. Sarah Neale says:

    I use my girls paintings and drawings as wrapping paper, special ones we put in a clear file so they can look at their artwork whenever they like!

  16. Lucy Knight says:

    A nice idea is to take pics of your child’s artwork, and use it to make greeting cards on the computer with. Print them out and voila…great for birthday cards!

  17. Esta* says:

    My house is COVERED in my daughters artwork. I hate to throw anything away so it is EVERYWHERE. Since going to DC I love that she paints and colours all the time. Seeing the progression from a brown mess to the now beautiful rainbows (that I think only I can see) she now creates its been a wonderful journey. My family love getting artwork so we pass on a lot, like I said my house is also wallpapered in the stuff but also a great thing I discovered was to cat a small section of each piece and then create a collage and frame it. These make great presents and you also don’t have to throw away any of your favourites.

  18. Jo Earwaker says:

    I scan the kids artwork then print it out like photos (on snapfish etc) and frame them or put in a photo album.

  19. Teresa H says:

    Coffee table books! Compact way of storing and presenting the 100s of pictures. My 5 year old LOVES his ‘special’ book.

  20. Anita Marija Erceg says:

    Laminating childrens artwork and using as a placemat, coaster or bookmark is a really great idea for gifts.

  21. Kylie says:

    We’ve made an art sleeve out of a large piece of paper, that my girl decorated, so we can keep the special master pieces. Also use some a wrapping paper.

  22. Claire K says:

    We also use as wrapping paper, we send to Grandparents in the UK too, but a really good idea is to take photos of each piece of artwork and transfer onto a memory stick and upload to a digital photoframe. That way the artwork is constantly changing round and its easy to upload more as more art is done. No arguments either as each picture is displayed for the same amount of time!!

  23. Megan says:

    DS loves getting into the painting at playcentre so we have lots of artpieces of his. After we have displayed them on the wall at home we recycle them for wrapping family presents to add that personal touch. I also take a photo of all the artwork so we’ll always have a record of what he’s done

  24. Kelsi says:

    We are up-cycling a huge old frame and making a collage of my sons favourite pictures, when it is done it will be our feature artwork in our lounge for years to come. We are picking so many pictures per year so it is going to look somewhat like an evolution of his art. He also loves cutting out pictures that he draws (last weekend it was a picture of dad) and glues them onto baloons to give to his friends and family for their birthdays, everyone loves a smily face balloon!

  25. Melissa says:

    Calendars for christmas presents :)

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