Win A Leni Mag Rack from Mocka

Leni Mag Rack

MoT loves Mocka for many reasons.  Mocka is a small family run New Zealand business and since launching six years ago with their very first product the Original High Chair, Mocka has grown into a successful New Zealand business that supports the community around it.

Mocka design a vast array of contemporary furniture that is designed to complement the existing décor in your home. Whether you’re updating, purchasing for your first home, or want to add additional pieces to your home, Mocka’s furniture will surpass your expectations in quality, comfort and design.

One piece in particular is Mocka’s new Leni Mag Rack. The Leni Mag Rack is a stylish piece that will add a sophisticated yet functional element to any room in your house. Use it as a side table, coffee table, magazine rack or stool, the possibilities are endless with this beautiful piece from Mocka.

Recently the MoT team have fallen in love with ‘Leni’ our beautiful magazine rack.  Our super cool friends at Mocka have offered us three Leni Mag Racks to giveaway to three lucky MoTs.

If you would like to go into the draw to win your very own Leni Mag Rack from Mocka, all you need to do is:

This competition is now closed. Thanks for taking the time to enter.

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59 Comments on "Win A Leni Mag Rack from Mocka"

  1. Alison Pollock says:

    Mocka makes such awesome trendy stuff, this would look great in our house and would keep our magazines tidy.

  2. Crystal Mann says:

    I love mocka! We have the table and 4 stools for our bit and it looks good enough to keep out in the lounge all the time. And the balance bike was the best thing we ever bought! I’ve always got mags and papers and folders lying about so I would love to win the mag rack!

  3. Emma says:

    I have just bought my first house by myself after seperating from the kids father. It is an awesome wee place but is in desperate need of doing up. As a full time student i don’t have a lot of spare cash so this would be a welcome addition to pretty the place up a bit. I’m sure there will be heaps of entries but please consider me :) Good luck to everyone entering x

  4. jenny says:

    Love mocka, we have a few products in our home already. I would love one of these mag racks because we got rid of our coffee table a few years back, because it was big and clunky and babies were always bumping into it. This looks perfect being a bit smaller and would be great to hold my home and garden mags. Like mocka and mot on fb too :)

  5. Deborah says:

    Very stylish ! I am enjoying reading nice magazines again – for recipes, gardening, interior design, and other ideas. This would be a fantastic way to tidily store and display my favourite magazines. I gave my boys a Mocka pro scooter each for Christmas and it was possibly the best present ever :)

  6. Naomi says:

    Love Mocka products and this would be a great addition to my home! there are always books and magazines around so it would be fantastic to be able to tidy them where they’re read :)

  7. Jackson says:

    I am just starting out in my own flat and everything i currently own is second hand. Would love this Mocka to store my DIY mags in, and also to have one piece of furniture to be proud of and take with me when i eventually (hopefully) own my own home.

  8. Maia says:

    Our magazines are so messy, it would be great to have this awesome storage solution for them.

  9. Nancy says:

    It would suit my mocka chair and cube bookcase to perfection!!

  10. Emily says:

    We bought our kids bikes from Mocka and I am now HOOKED at looking at your products, I plan on slowly replacing all my IKEA furniture with Mocka as its WAYYYYY cooler and better quality !

  11. Lulu says:

    My ‘Me’ time during the week is zoning out with a really rubbish gossip mag, I really need somewhere nice to put them as they end up squished up/ripped and slobbered on by the little people in our house. Having enough room to set down a coffee and a few ( read : packet ) of biccies would just too it off!!!

  12. Sarah says:

    I love mocka, they make amazing, affordable, stylish products and free delivery is fantastic too!

  13. Shona says:

    Would love it to have it in my living room as need somewhere to put my cup of tea and read a mag

  14. Jo says:

    I’d love one of these so my cuppa and mags look stylish and all my friends are envious of me!

  15. Abbie says:

    I love all things Mocka and would love this for next to my favorite armchair. ….. to sit and relax!

  16. Annette says:

    We love Mocka and have bought a good few things from there in the past. We would love this magazine rack as currently our magazines are scattered on or beneath the coffee table.

  17. Melanie Bismark says:

    My magazines are crying out for a new home! They currently reside in messy piles under the coffee table and every time I vacuum, pieces of magazines get sucked or scrunched up. I would love the magazine rack from Mocka to save my magazines from accidental hoovering and allow me to get the dust bunnies under the coffee table.

  18. Edna Y says:

    We love Mocka for our little one, so would be nice for my turn to have some awesome Mocka furniture!

  19. Charlotte says:

    Great products! The design would look perfect in our lounge. And would solve our messy magazine situation :-)

  20. Latia hawkins says:

    My hubby built a pretty fantastic home for us and our son who is now 10months. I have an empty spot by my tv and this would be perfect for it. Love the mocka range.

  21. Jane says:

    I’d like to gift this cool and funky piece to a younger friend. She’s recently bought her first home and starting to find her design style. Mocka’s going to be a great go to place.

  22. Stacey Donn says:

    Would be great have beside my feeding chair for when I am feeding my almost 8 week old son.

  23. Wendy says:

    I LOVE Mocka products and always get comments about my Britta chairs from visitors. I’m in desperate need of somewhere to store all my magazines at the moment, as I’m trying to declutter the house (not very successfully so far!)

  24. Ruth Topless says:

    Who wouldn’t love this functional and stylish piece of furniture?

  25. Lori Bulger says:

    Would be great beside my favourite chair while I’m watching my girls at their mocka table. Love love love mocka

  26. Megan Fiebig says:

    Love Mocka and one of these magazine racks would keep all my mags tidy and off the table!!

  27. Ashli Henderson says:

    I would love this to store my handwritten study notes, it would be an excellent edition to my office :)

  28. joelene says:

    Yes please, I love almost everything from Mocka, great quality, stylish, and affordable! Always handy to have this one at home!!

  29. Danae says:

    I need one of these! it would fit perfectly in this space in our lounge that is in desperate need for a small couch-side table for a cuppa coffee that also holds our favourite mags! this would hit the nail on the head :)

  30. Alisa Muir says:

    This would be perfect next to my desk to keep my craft magazines in and close at hand and would also second as a place to put my cuppa and my lamp.

    I love mocka’s stuff.

    Thanks heaps for the chance.

  31. Louise says:

    I love moka and their products. Our lounge is so bare would love this trendy magazine rack to be part of our home.

  32. Emma McLaren says:

    I just purchased one of Mockas Asta Adult chairs for my nursery and would love a Leni mag rack to go with it

  33. Linda S says:

    This would be useful in the dining/lounge room which we are doing up and would go nicely with the Mocka highchair which I just ordered.

  34. Anita says:

    Would love to win this rack/ stool/ table. Have liked this product for sometime but as life goes my wants are at the bottom of a long yet boring practical list.

  35. Kate says:

    It is a funky piece of furniture!

  36. Karen Price says:

    I would love to have a Leni Mag Rack in my home because the only Mocka item I own is a highchair, and while it is very stylish and we (my baby and me!) love it, it’s not the sort of item I’d like to have on display in the living room all the time! So the Leni Mag Rack would be perfect – I’d have a gorgeous stylish Mocka product all of my own, that’s super useful and is suitable to have around and in full sight all the time! Lovely!

  37. evette says:

    I have a 3 yr old and 18 week old plus work from home so there is so much clutter. This would be great to store paperwork that I am working on and rest my laptop on top.

  38. Pip says:

    I’d like to win this as, like all mocka products, it’s stylish AND practical – exactly what our new home needs with two rascals running round! Now…. To find the time to actually read the magazines…… Oh well, at least they’ll look good ;)

  39. Joanne Andrews says:

    We love Mocka here at our NEW house, which is rather sparsely furnished! We have a Mocka bike for our two year old, and this magazine rack would add a touch of class to our lounge room. xx

  40. Kris says:

    It is a very stylish looking way of storing magazines and possibly other things also. It’s awesome

  41. Alice says:

    I love everything mocka! This would be an excellent addition to our house

  42. Rebecca says:

    We’re building a new home and the Leni Mag Rack would look fab in it. Love Mocka products.

  43. Joan E says:

    With grandies roaming around on the floor, tearing up anything they can get their cute, chubby little hands on, this would be ideal for keeping my ‘me’ time magazines out of thier reach. Nothing like finding bits of paper 2nd hand when you change a nappy.

  44. Gina says:

    It would just look amazing beside me as I feed my brand new baby girl,

  45. pruedence simpson says:

    Mocka makes such awesome trendy, durable, and amazing products that suit any home environment. I love love love your stuff :)

  46. Emma says:

    Mocka products are amazing. I’m a Mum to a 5 year old on the autism spectrum, for our sons 3rd birthday we invested in a balance bike and it was the BEST thing we did for him and his motor skills. I would love one of these Leni Mag Rack as I would put our sons fave books/prep stories in it and use it to read with him, a special place just for him. Thank you :)

  47. Anita Marija Erceg says:

    This rather cleverly designed mag rack looks like it would be the perfect place for storing my childrens’ artwork and portfolios that come home as they move from kindy to school. It would compliment any decor and would be easy to wipe down after sticky fingers have been around.

  48. Yolande says:

    I would love this table for a tight corner in my living room. As a gift for completing project managing a major renovation at home, my husband gave me a very special chair (eames lounger). This is my “go to” chair for me time. I need a spot to rest my cup of “me time tea” and favourite magazine. The chair is as old as me and is divinely comfortable. This Leni Mag table would be the perfect accompaniment.

  49. Vicky Marshall says:

    Love it! We don’t have a coffee table and its a struggle to balance my coffee and my magazine on my lap, trying not to spill anything on the couch. (when I get 5 minutes peace & quiet to relax!) The Mocka Leni Mag Rack looks gorgeous, and would be so handy!

  50. Amanda Henriksen says:

    I love Mocka’s products. this is beautiful and would be wonderful in my home to help keep me on the straight and tidy!

  51. Victoria Smith says:

    It will help keep my lounge nice and tidy with putting my magazines and kids books in it

  52. kirsty says:

    I would LOVE this for our new place! All my furniture has taken a hammering since having kids and i just dont have the money these days to replace smaller pieces like this! Plus Mocka products are just so cool :)

  53. Chelsea McLachlan says:

    This looks amazing and so functional too- my beloved gossip rags have no safe home while waiting to be finished and they’re a favourite of my 2.5yo, once she’s gotten into them, there’s no salvaging them lol

  54. Kelly Mucalo says:

    Would love the chance to win this, we have the perfect space for it, and it would be lovely to have somewhere to put my mags and cuppa away from my rather busy boys :-)

  55. Rebecca says:

    We’re in the middle of renovations – I’d love something stylish to complement the new-ness!

  56. Amber says:

    Love Mocka design! And this mag rack is so awesome…would be awesome to win!:)

  57. Ashley Montgomery says:

    This would be perfect for me as I have my magazines lying around the house :) Would love the Leni mag rack to help tidy them up :) I also Iove Mocka!

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