Win a Pamper Pack for Mother’s Day with Your Favourite Mum Memory

There is no golden rule book on how to be a Mum. It takes a lot of hard work and love. Many of us get the basics of the way that we decide to do things from our own parents. The way that we love our kids, raise our kids and even feed our kids is often dictated by how we ourselves were raised.

It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and many of you will not only be lucky enough to score breakfast in bed (or some version of it) from your munchkins but also to have a chance to reflect on your own Mum’s contribution to your life.

Mother's Day Pack

Leave us a comment below about your favourite childhood memory of your Mum and go into the draw to win this wonderful package of goodies.

The pack includes:

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Competition closes on Monday the 13th at 5pm.
This competition is now closed.  Thank you to everybody who entered.
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62 Comments on "Win a Pamper Pack for Mother’s Day with Your Favourite Mum Memory"

  1. meg says:

    Baking in the kitchen with mum

  2. Lisa says:

    A favourite childhood memory of my mum was coming home to find a note and little posie of flowers hand picked in the garden by my mum they were the most special thing to me.

  3. leda waite says:

    My greatest memory i have is when my daughter was born very ill and sadly passed away i was a young mum and my mum always knew what to do and say to show me strength understanding and a way forwards… Her strong nature was beautiful and soul saving… Now as a 33 year old i have been given the strength and power and wisdom from those sad heart wrenching moments… If it wasn’t for her guidence love and nurturing nature i wouldn’t be the strong woman and mother i am today.

  4. Helen Shields says:

    So many memories to choose from! I remember all the scraped knees, bumps and bruises. Always finding my way to mums lap where she cuddled me rubbed my head made it all better ♥ those are
    Some of my favorite memories.

  5. Rachel says:

    My mum always did baking with me and now I have my own daughters I do baking with them a lot lots of fun and makes great memories.

  6. Shara Henderson says:

    Favourite memories of sewing with mum, she always said if I wanted something to go get it! .. or do it myself lol – that’s how we got into sewing together, loved shopping for patterns, materials & sundries then making the garments….oh and the great conversations held while sewing from boys to school work, to what i wanted to be when i left school…mum always said i’d take on the world and i did :)

  7. Bronwyn McKinnon says:

    Coming home from school on cold, wet winter days to Mum making Milo, biscuits ready, always with open ears to listen.

  8. Rachel Boerlage says:

    Holding it all together after a bad day at school, until I saw my mum – tears, milo, hugs and all was right with the world again :)

  9. Sue-Ann Peers says:

    Crawling into bed with mum for an afternoon nap. I’m an adult now and do it with my kids :)

  10. ruthie says:

    coming home and mum was there when we were at primary school. It sums up the feeling of security I have had ever since- I know no matter what my mum is always there- at the end of a phone or on my doorstep when she knows I need her. I just hope I can instill the same feeling of security with my 2 kids.

  11. Irene says:

    My favourite memories of my mum always have to be bedtime. Up until I was quite old I loved her reading to me. I would have a shower, get in my PJ’s and she’d tuck me in and read to me. Her calming, soothing voice would make everything better.

  12. Katie Collenette says:

    I loved my Mum so much (sadly no longer with us). I have a lovely vivid memory of sitting in her lap and playing with her long finger nails and then pulling the skin on the back of her hand. I was amazed how much it ‘stretched’ compared to mine. Now whenever I look at my hands with my older stretchy skin I remember my Mum. I even remember her smell..strange after all these years.

  13. Rebecca Pennell says:

    Being sick, and waiting desperately in bed for mum to come and check on me – and that precious moment when she finally came in and for just that moment of time everything felt OK again. I’ve found that moment many more times in life since then. Even more so now I am raising my own family.

  14. Bekz Tschurtschenthaler says:

    My fav memory….which most of you might look sideways at…….
    I was being an extremely naughty teenager….my mother and I were having an arguement…..she had, had enough – picked up a drinking glass, aimed…..and threw it at me!…….

    This IS a great memory and it taught me an immense amount of sensibility…why??? because it missed ME and smashed the ranchslider door!!…….It has taught me to NEVER get angry with my children as someone up above will have the upper hand!

  15. Sharnee says:

    The best memory of me and my mum was when I was a little girl, she always went to my school functions, always took me and my friends places, always took me shopping and made sure I had the best childhood ever ! I now have two kids and am making sure I do the same with them so they also have a amazing childhood and remember all the fun we had aswell ! The most precious memories are those spent with family !

  16. Aimee Wilson says:

    Favourite Memory is My mum turning up at my house when i had my son and first grandchild and boy on my side of my family. With 2 weeks worth of meals and baking i had to hide back the tears it was a big surprise she had made my day

  17. carolyn abraham says:

    coming home from school to do baking with mum and i still love baking 40 years on

  18. Tavia says:

    Believe it or not, my favourite memory is sitting at Lynnmall as a real youngster, sharing rollmops with my Ma, because it was expensive it was a really special treat, just for us, between us, because my brother hated them. I still love them and consider them a comfort food today. Rollmops huh, go figure!

  19. Deirdre Shaw says:

    My favourite memory with my mum is travelling to Prince Edward Island in Canada to “do” Anne of Green Gables. As a kid my mum read me the stories from her book as a child, so it was fantastic to travel there and visit all the places in the books.

  20. Melissa says:

    Just the mum hugs

  21. Kylie says:

    Mum always had afternoon tea ready for me and my brother when we got home from school. This bit of family time before homework / jobs and general evening busy-ness probably wasnt valued as much by me then as it is by me now when I know how easy it is to get swept up in the doing and organising instead of enjoying moments as a family.

  22. Raewyn says:

    playing dress ups with my mum. even with make up smeared all over my face she always told me I was beautiful

  23. Kelly A says:

    When I think of my mum I just think of all the times we have spent laughing till we cry. I don’t know what it is but she has this knack of turning a normal moment into a totally hilarious one! Love you mum! Xx

  24. Renee Boyer-Willisson says:

    It’s hard to pick just one – but probably reading together. I was a book-a-holic from a very young age (and still am), and now as a mum myself I can appreciate how irritating it must have been to read me “Have you seen a giraffe hat?” for the umpteenth time, but I can never remember her saying no!

  25. Awhina Kawau says:

    She came to all my school activities. Parent help, school trips, helping with lunches. At the time I remember being a little embarrassed but I always new she cared. So I do that for my son now.

  26. Brigitt says:

    My favourite childhood memory growing up with my mum is playing board games just me and her having mother, daughter quility time, bonding.

  27. Sheena says:

    Helping her feed the calves, in the middle of winter it was freezing but I got to stir the milk and pour it into the bottles for her to feed them. It was real old school by heating the milk by sitting a metal bucket inside another bucket of boiling water. It used to take me ages to pour the milk into the bottle as I wasn’t a very good aim but she just waited patiently. It would get dark in the barn but it felt safe being with mum


    My best childhood moment is when my mum would sit everyone around the table, with a plate and all the ingredients to make a sundae, burger or something we would make for someone else at the table. The best part was We made exactly what we wanted, lol the worst was giving up your prized possesion to the person whos name was under the plate. i got my plate twice yumm!

  29. Lorraine Broekhals says:

    My favorite memory is making barbie doll clothes with my mum. We had a lot of fun, my mums sewing ability and my little fingers were well used as the clothes were really tiny.

  30. Amanda Henriksen says:

    Baking with my mum, which I now do with my own little boys.

  31. Rachel Williamson says:

    When we were little, mum used to let us take what she called a ‘mental health day’. She’d call the school and notify them that my sister and me were sick then we’d spend the day doing something fun – it was always extra special because it was a little bit naughty! One winter we lit the fire and holed up in the living room; we built a hut with sheets and had a picnic inside. Mum made all our favourite foods and climbed inside the hut and spent the day playing with us. She took real joy in doing the silly stuff as well as making sure we were cared for. She’s already talking about going exploring and making pirate huts with her grandson – even though he’s only 4 months…!

  32. Lucy Trott says:

    The memory I have with my mum is reading at bedtime. My mum used to read to us in bed most nights and we would cuddle up in bed and just listen to her and the story she was reading. I now do this with my little girls special times. Nowadays people don’t seem to just stop, slow down and spend time together doing a simple activity.

  33. Kris says:

    My mum who often wasnt well, hand sewed me an envelope out of yellow material with a heart button on it. She told me that the envelope was full of love fairies and that if i was sad or scared to pull out a love fairy and they would look after me. It made such a difference.

  34. Tracy Morgan says:

    My favourite memory when I was little with my Mum was having running races. We’d sprint up and down the yard, and I’d do my best to beat mum every time. And for some strange reason, I always won :-) My Mum now does this with my wee 3yo, and it’s just gorgeous to watch. I think she enjoys being a Nana even more than a Mum!!!

  35. Amanda b says:

    She would always get active with us, I remember her partaking in a slip n slide competition we ran in our yard. Was so fun

  36. Emma J says:

    Turning up to pick me up from primary school with her new haircut – a Mohawk and the school bully freaked out and never bullied me again lol

  37. Angela S says:

    Baking with mum! Always made the house smell divine. Getting to lick the bowls/beaters/spoons. And then sneaking the biscuits while they are still hot :) Still love mums baking – can’t beat it!

  38. Jo J says:

    Lots of memories but one that stands out is having my hair played with at bed time…always helped me to drift off into dream land..made me feel safe and happy…I now do this with my own kids :)

  39. Shannon says:

    fondest memory of my mom – her smell. she had the sweetest smell and it was addictive to me when i was younger i would lay with her on a for a Sunday nap and “smell” her. She still teases me today about it.

  40. Janine Boult says:

    I was a bad asthmatic as a child. My earliest memories are of my mother slow dancing with me in her arms while I struggle to catch my breath. She would just sing to me until the attack would pass. Then she would stay up and watch me breathing to make sure I would see the sun come up (4 times she had woken to find me going blue and revived me). Even now when I feel sick if I play the songs that she sang to me I start to feel better.

  41. Anna Turnage says:

    Baking in the kitchen with my momma.

  42. Tammy says:

    When I had my daughter 2 years ago, my husband and I had battles with money and I unfortunately had a battle with my health. I needed an operation. Not only did my mom help me care for my 1 month old after surgery, she talked my father into letting our new little family move into their home so we could save our money and survive for a while. By her letting us live with them, we were able to get back on track and even purchase our first home. Amazing and we can never EVER thank her enough!

  43. Toni says:

    We never had any money so mum would spend hours with me, making paper dolls and dressing them in the most fabulously creative hand drawn outfits or making guitars out of tissue boxes and rubber bands and holding concerts in the lounge. Even though we were hard up mum would save up all year to give me a birthday party and we would spend weeks making party hats and streamers together.

  44. Yukiko says:

    When I was around 3, I tried to feed a stray cat, but the cat tried to bite me on the finger instead! Then my mum protected me from the cat and hugged me. I knew I would not have to be scared of anything in my life.

  45. maha says:

    my mum was reading story before going to bed.

  46. Maria Williamson says:

    Just a month ago my mum came to NZ for a holiday. Every day was so special, just seeing her interacting with her grandchildren is so special. We don’t get to be so lucky to be with her everyday so times like that means everything for me and my kids.

  47. Katherine T says:

    My favourite memory of Mum is the cooking and baking that she is famous for! We were lucky enough to always have baking for morning tea, and often a homemade dessert too. When I was old enough she taught me to cook and bake which has helped me alot since moving out of home. Being well-fed made us feel loved and I have carried on her teachings of cooking from scratch.

  48. Susan says:

    My favourite memory would have to be that us girls went to netball on a Saturday morning, and Dad and my brother wen to rugby. I loved spending Saturdays with just me and Mum and having nice home made Vegetable soup when we got home

  49. Amy says:

    My sisters and I were forever doing fashion shows and plays when we were younger. Mum was always right into it with us with costumes, hair and make up. She always encouraged us in our play and is still just as enthusiastic with our children/ her grand children. A truly amazing woman I aspire to be :) xx

  50. Tash says:

    Kicking rocks on Tahuna Beach, Translation going for a night time beach walk with Mum, aunty Mummy and my sister :)

  51. Lucy Knight says:

    So many happy times with my mum I find it hard to pick one! She’s always been there, I loved coming home from school and finding mum – in the kitchen usually

  52. Leanne Le Sueur says:

    My fav mum memory would be when my mum brought me my baby to hold for the first time after a C section. It was so special for both of us :)

  53. Melissa says:

    I love creating new memories with my mum! Like frantic 1 day shopping together in Chicago or training for an 8k together when I was 5 mths pregnant!

  54. Maureen Allen says:

    Mums huge hugs and snuggling into their bed( Huts in the lounge) to watch telly on Fridays , Fridays was homemade peanut toffee night and late telly nights. A s I got older I`d come home from a date or a drunk night with the girls out and go up and cuddle up or tell them I was home & what my night was like .
    Now mum who is a fantastic Nana Camps out with my 3 kids in their huts on their camp mattress and torches doing exactly the same so very cool, building such special memories :)

  55. Stacey says:

    My mum had the most comfortable lap. Dad’s was far too bony, but hers was made for me to snuggle up with.

  56. Michelle says:

    I loved WORKING with my mother when I was a teenager. We were waitressing and she would always call me over to her tables to introduce them to her DAUGHTER….. like I was the Queen or something,lol. More like her little princess, I guess. I always remember how special I am to her and how proud of me she is…. no matter what I am doing.

  57. Amu A says:

    She always used to be calm and ready to help us with everything :)

  58. Jasmine says:

    Dancing around the lounge with my Mum and sister to a Tom Sharplin rock n roll record!

  59. Penny says:

    I remember the great warm feeling cuddled on the couch reading books before bed. I remember being sad when I was deemed old enough to read on my own.

  60. Kayla Kyles says:

    My favourite memory would have to be that she tucked me in nice and tight every night and told me how much she loves me, made me feel so safe and secure, love my mum she’s awesome :-)

  61. Hayley says:

    My favourite memory is coming home from school and always being so excited to tell my mum about my day. Whether it was bad or good she always would listen and chat away with me until I had said all I need to. She is soo amazing!

  62. Isabelle L says:

    I never went to my high school formal but my mum gave me my own formal at home. It meant so much to me because I didn’t want to miss out on an once in a life time event. I came home after school and found a beautiful gown it was such a surprise. My mum took me to get my hair and makeup done. I had a red carpet entry, disco ball, balloon and flower decorations, finger food, my favorite music playing, and my photos taken. The complete VIP treatment I even got the Homecoming Queen Tiara. The best part was dancing with my mum because she always cranks me up with the dance moves that she pulls. I will never forget that night, I felt so special not only because I got my own formal but also because I realized I had such an amazing mum who always makes me happy.

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