Win: Disney’s Super Buddies or The Jungle Book

Super Buddies DVDWe’ve had tornado warnings for Auckland and the “spring” weather has battered the country. Perfect timing for a DVD giveaway!

Jungle Book DVD

We are lucky enough to have 5 copies of each of Super Buddies and The Jungle Book to give away.

All we need from you are your suggestions for the quick sanity checks, the free ideas to help others get through those last few days of the holidays

Comment below and tell us your idea.  Make sure you include which DVD you’d like to win.

Entries close Sunday the 13th of October at 5pm.


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15 Comments on "Win: Disney’s Super Buddies or The Jungle Book"

  1. Stacey Arndell says:

    Playdoh! Its a winner to keep the kids happy. With a 9 year old, 6 year old and 2 year old, they all help each other create (and destroy!) different things.

  2. Lisa Woodley says:

    To get through the last few days of the holidays, I call on friends to hang out with, whether it be in or out… safety in numbers ;-)

  3. Rebekah Taylor says:

    we have put a tent up in the back yard and have been having pretend camp outs… and adventure hunts… which even though its raining today, will be just as fun because the rain is awesome- and means we can camp out in the lounge instead! and have warm milos when we get wet from out adventuring outside!

  4. Leanne Le Sueur says:

    Do some baking with the kids or build a hut for them, that kept me amused for ages. Only you may have to put all the blankets away afterwards as i do for my kids LOL. Would love super buddies please.

  5. Nikki S says:

    Today is a playdoh and inside hut day for us. Im also planning to get out the craft box with lots of paper and glue for sticking to things to everything

  6. Amanda Henriksen says:

    Outside puddle jumping, snowmen making and genreally burning off energy. The weather in Hororata has gone from summer to winter in 48 hours. There is now snow on the ground again. The boys aged 6 (twins) and 4 have been having a fantastic time getting wet and dirty this morning. I am so busy trying to get an assignment completed that as long as they are happy it is all good. Off to make hot chocolates for morning tea :-)

  7. Kristy Dekker says:

    Building a “fort” with the couches, chairs and sheets keeps kids entertained for days!! As long as you leave a couch to sit on of course! And crafty things are always good =)

  8. Kristy Dekker says:

    Oops and I would love to win The Jungle Book!

  9. Belinda says:

    Daughter would love to watch ‘Super Buddies’ (me too). I’ve got a huge cover for my settee which I’ve just sold, but kept the cover so put it over chairs and a table to make a tent which the children love to go under and make lots of different pathways in and out. Hide and Seek has also taken up some time which is inside today as the weather is pretty rough.

  10. Toni says:

    Jackets and boots on, we’ve spent the morning unearthing flotsam and jetsam on the beach. We love the Jungle Book, but not picky!

  11. Anne-Marie says:

    Keeping warm and dry with free entertainment at the library – so much to do there! Read there or borrow books for free, hire cheap dvds or cds, they often have school holiday things on, etc.

    Would like Super Buddies, please

  12. Renee B-W says:

    Leave them at home with Dad and go back to work! ;) Or… my five-year-old has kept herself highly amused today making puppets of family members (drawing pics on paper, cutting them out and taping sticks to the back) and using them to put on a puppet show. For a longer activity you could also use an old box to make a theatre, and some cardboard set pieces as well.

    Em is absolutley obsessed with the Buddies, so would love Super Buddies.

  13. Jessica Double says:

    Getting outside and active , swimming pool is great to burn off energy to ! Would love to win the jungle book please

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