Win: My Family Food Bag

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 12.13.08 pmDoes the eternal question of “Muuuum, what’s for dinnnnnaaaah?” make you want to stick needles in your eyes?  Step away from that sewing kit, put the needles down and read on…it could be your lucky week.

You might have recently read the two mouth-watering My Family Food Bag reviews we shared over the weekend and turned green with envy, well now it’s your turn. You too can have the luxury of five days worth of evening meals planned out for you along with the freshest quality ingredients delivered straight to your door – thanks to My Family Food Bag.

If you would like to go into the draw to win a My Family Food Bag all you need to do is:

This competition is now closed.  Thanks for taking the time to enter.



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98 Comments on "Win: My Family Food Bag"

  1. Paula Dowds says:

    The thing I loathe most about dinner time is having hungry little people hanging off my legs while I’m trying to cook!

  2. Emma J says:

    That I have to make 2 (sometimes 3) different dinners due to fussy kids and sometimes husband

  3. Kirsty Job says:

    The thing I most hate about dinner time is deciding what to have every night!

  4. Alma says:

    Dinner time loathing… Hmmm in going to say the number one worst thing is not even starting the cooking until 7pm! Working full time and commuting home leaves sucky feeding times for the family. And it’s only going to get worse with the new human en route! So if I can win this amazing gift for the week I’m on leave after the birth I will love you forever and scream from the trees :-)

  5. Jolie says:

    Hate how it unconveniently falls on kids go maniac time and how I’ve never planned what to make or taken the meat out of the freezer.. It’s altogether a crazy un-enjoyable time of night

  6. Naomi says:

    Every day you think, ooh I could do that for dinner for something different, then reality sets in about 4.30pm that you’ve got to be joking you haven’t got time to do that, and you end up doing same old same old. Maybe tomorrow.

  7. Kylie Morete says:

    That I have to stop everything (especially in summer) with the family doing fun stuff to cook tea. So feeling leftout nigel no mates in the kitchen and zero inspiration. I would say with the food bag the kitchen would become THE fun place and create a new family activity.

  8. Rosie says:

    Hate trying to decide what to actually cook each night – that is 3/4 of the battle!!

  9. Selena Morritt says:

    The thing I loathe is having to “think” about dinner, flinging the cupboards open looking in and having to plan it, when you have worked on farm all day, to come home and go crap now what’s for tea?

  10. Shona says:

    The dishes and tiding up

  11. Karyn says:

    Oh my goodness where to begin… The mad rush of trying to get dinner on after a long day of work with tired kids and a husband who is too tired to help out use to his high pressure job, trying to think up something that the family will eat that isn’t beef mince! Fussy kids and a husband who won’t eat meat on the bone or seafood, and doesn’t like lamb or pork among various other foods, not having enough time in the week to do a big supermarket shop and realizing we are out of a key ingredient when it’s too late, realizing as I’m leaving work that I forgot to get any meat out of the freezer that morning… There are so many things that I loathe about dinner time I couldn’t possibly pick just one! (And that’s just the preparation part, I haven’t even gotten to the battles with the kids to eat their dinner, or the dishes afterwards!) :-)

  12. Danielle says:

    The thing I loathe about dinner time is having to think about what to cook every night, and whether I can find yet another way to get the kids to eat wholesome food!

  13. Annalie Brown says:

    I hate supermarket shopping. It’s always carnage and you feel like you have to fight your way around. Then I usually forget something, requiring me to go back and endure the supermarket once again!

  14. April Tooman says:

    What I loathe most about dinner time is the DINNER TIME! Everything that is involved in it. With 9wks to go on pregnancy #3, being told to not work and then on top of that being on crutches and been recently been diagnosed with gestational diabetes, dinner time is a nightmare!! Now I have to make 2 separate meals (one for DP and the kids, and one for me) because DP and kids can not change diets so easily and then theres the millions of dishes that need to be done! Food Bag would be a saviour!

  15. Miriam says:

    Getting dinner ready before feral hour starts, trying to make something that’s interesting & quick, feeding child then him declaring that he doesn’t like it or him having a melt because his peas on his plate rolled around, or the corn wasn’t cut off the cob so then the corn gets cut off the cob then having a melt again because he wanted the corn back on the cob & that’s only the beginning! My food bag would help me feel a bit more sane that’s for sure & help make mealtimes interesting not a struggle.

  16. Jackson G says:

    I have always had a problem with making up my mind – so you can imagine the fuss it creates when it is my turn to cook in the house. Meat or vegeterian, pasta or potato, hot or cold….. and so it goes on. Then, when i have finally selected what i am going to use it becomes an issue of what can i do with it? I am not creative in the kitchen in the least.

    I would love to try My Food Bag, as i can see that a service like that could be invaluble to people like me. It would be give me a chance to try new meals, new food items, and have a break from cooking duties – myself and flatmates would love it.

  17. mel says:

    Trying to work out what to cook from the random ingredients in the fridge while a hungry child heads towards meltdown faster than I can cook!

  18. Erin Sawyer says:

    Working out what to cook!

  19. Joanne Andrews says:

    The thing I hate most about dinner time is waiting all afternoon for it. Ha ha!

  20. Anita Marija Erceg says:

    I hate cooking, i am so bad at it. I had a mother who cooked meat and 3 veg every night and was happy to always do the cooking so i never learnt how to really. Then moved into a relationship with a guy who was rather talented in the kitchen, and did not mind coming home and cooking after work. When he left and it was just me and the children i was like “what do i do now?”. I feel for my children who admittedly to not enjoy the end result of my throw together meals. How brilliant it would be to experience some new tastes. How fantastic to not worry about what i am going to serve up each day.

  21. Jo Butters says:

    I hate trying to tailor meals to keep everyone happy only to be told “I hate this” “yucK” “im not eating that”. With my reply normally “but you love it last week”….ahhhhh

  22. Michelle Cleaver says:

    Im sick and tired of trying to come up with meal ideas that a 16yo, 14yo and a 9yo wont turn their nose up at. After school i always get asked the same question…”whats for tea?” I tell them and 8 times outta 10, one of them will say “but we had that last week”, or “my friends mum cooks that better than you”, or I dont want to eat meat this week”, or “yuck”. Just once i would like all 3 of my kids to say “wahoo mum, that meal was awesome”.

  23. Nicola says:

    Dinner time – finish work, rush home, pick up kids from school and kindy, grab food, start cooking, ‘whats for dinner?’ ‘I hate that’, ‘I’m not eating it’ pour wine, drink wine, cook dinner, serve dinner, ‘Yuk’, ‘I hate green stuff Mum’, eat dinner, pour wine, drink wine, finish dinner, ignore mess in kitchen and on to homework, bath, bed routine.

  24. Kris van de Water says:

    Having to think of something new & interesting every day bugs me

  25. Kim O says:

    I absolutely despise the end of the day, dog tired after working, then meetings and kids activities only to be faced with the most awful question of ‘what’s for dinner?’. I really don’t like buying takeaways especially when I’ve spent the money on the groceries. By dinner time my thinking brain has shut up shop and i’m on automatic pilot which doesn’t have creative chef installed. My daughter from the moment she wakes up asks ‘what’s for dinner’. I’m trying to get her to start to help me plan our meals so she can look at the plan instead of asking me every morning.

  26. rach says:

    The thing I hate most about dinner, is besides the mad rush from finishing work, to getting home, unloading and reloading bags, sorting work and preparing dinner, is that my little one always wants to breast feed in the middle of it. If I don’t – he sits at my feet and cries or grabs my clothes. I think he misses me during the day and does it for comfort.

  27. Kaye Holmes says:

    I really dislike that you’ve thought of a new recipe, with the help of google and what you currently have in your fridge, and think – I can do that! The meal never turns out like the picture. You’ve talked it up all day to your family, so their hopes are up. It is inedible and you end up having spaghetti on toast. So over spaghetti on toast!

  28. Simone Baird says:

    I would love to win this! We don’t get home until 5.30pm and then dinner needs to be ready by 6.00, its always such a rush so taking the decisions out of it would help! Also, we try to get Mr Two used to all different sorts of foods to reduce fussiness but sometimes you just need help with these ideas :)

  29. Rochelle says:

    The thing I loathe most whilst trying to put something together for dinner is tripping over all the little death traps my toddler leaves around the kitchen (he enjoys pulling everything out of drawers and cupboards) while I am trying to make something resembling a healthy dinner! I swear, if I can survive dinner time, I can survive anything! (Take that Bear Grylls!) ;-)

  30. Debbie says:

    I hate how my 5 year old will walk up to the table, take one look at whatever I have cooked and say ‘yuck’ without even trying it! Drives me mad.

  31. Kathryn Morgan says:

    Rushing from my business to standing starring at the pantry in dismay. Hearing them all say “What is for dinner.” With a husband who doesn’t cook :( but works hard and two beautiful teenage boys they all need a good meal every night to sustain them in their sporting activities. Knowing that I haven’t been to the supermarket or worse been but such a rush that I forgot some vital ingredients. While cooking hearing the neighing from the paddocks the fur babies calling out to me to give them dinner – bless! I need to mix up 6 more dinners for the ponies then wait for them to finish, I won’t be in from putting the ponies to bed until 10pm – then the delight of dishes. Martha Stewart no longer lives here – she did once :) .

  32. Deborah says:

    Sometimes not having enough food in the house is quite challenging ..

  33. Jane says:

    I love cooking – but racing home from full time work, picking up 3 hungry kids as a single Mum – well Macaroni Cheese makes it onto the dinner time menu – as does Baked Beans !! Baked Beans for goodness sakes for dinner – These little faces popping in “Mum what’s for dinner ?” ” I’m Hungry ”
    The simplicity of the Food Bags appeal – what even excites me more – is the ability to hand the cooking over to the kids – If everything is organised – and these fan-dangled things called recipes are on hand -(most meals in our house are recipe free) – what a great way to get my enthusiastic Junior chefs of the path to spoiling their Mum – even better – when they head off to dads and have the ever repeating, sausages – spag bol & Tacos – they can teach him how to cook ………

  34. Vicky says:

    Oh, deciding what to cook (which is usually something we had last week and the week before that) definitely (and shopping for it) so this would be FAB!

  35. Jess says:

    Coming up with sonething that suits everyones likes and allergies. :(

  36. Philippa Baker says:

    Coming up this new things to cook. That every one will eat.

  37. Malien de Vries says:

    I love cooking dinner but the thing I really hate is deciding what to cook for dinner! My husband is no help at all as every time I ask him what he wants, his standard relpy is ‘FOOD’!

  38. Ken Newell says:

    making food that interests both my two and myself at the same time. some fresh ideas would be very welcome!

  39. Lucy Taylor says:

    Having to hide anything green in my two year olds food otherwise he won’t touch it!

  40. rach says:

    I loathe dinner time every night and having to think about what to cook every night, being imaginable with what I have can be challenging and tiresome. .and hardwork.

  41. Juliet Speedy says:

    Dinner time right now feels nothing short of overwhelming. I’ve got three kids under 3.5 and have just come home from hospital with the third – a 3 day old baby boy. The idea of My Food Bag for a week feels like winning the lottery!

  42. Ruth says:

    Forgetting to move my face opening the oven again and melting my eyelashes together again!

  43. Sianne says:

    Trying to get dinner prepped while entertaining a 2 year old.

  44. Hayley Berendsen says:

    The worst thing for me is by for trying to make dinner while erring the 7month old fed,bathed and into bed and keeping the 4yr old happy and occupied while I am cooking dinner because my hubby never gets home from work until after dinner. Most stressful time of the day!

  45. Nikki Lewis says:

    Thanks for giving us this opportunity! The thing I hate most about dinner every night is as a single parent I’ve normally forgotten to get anything out of the freezer, we live without much in the cupboards and I try to eat healthy which is expensive therefore most of our food is in the freezer! Realising you have to wait another 10mind to defrost something with a screaming child can end in tears and a race down to the hot chip shop! Said 1year old loves the car!

  46. Sarah B says:

    The thing I loath most about dinner time is no matter what I cook or how much effort I put in, with four boys I have never (and I mean never!) put a meal on the table that they all like. In fact generally lucky if even one of them likes it.
    I used to cook for them to eat earlier and my husband and I to eat once they’d gone to bed (so we could enjoy our food in peace) but that just made the ‘why do they want dinner every single night’ twice as bad. So we’re back to eating as a family and trying to put on a smile to the negative comments. (and they’re only 4, 6, 8 and 9 years old, so I suspect it will only get worse!).
    And on that thought, what to do for dinner tonight…..

  47. Aimee says:

    I hate decicding every night! So hard not to have the same thing over and over! But there is only me and miss almost 10 so I would nominate my best friend. Someone who has to feed herself, four children and a hard working husband. And often extras as her home and heart is never too full to help out the likes of me. I would love to give them a break from the daily squabble of what do you feel like, what do you want, have we got what we need.

  48. Michelle says:

    This afternoon I reached the dreaded “hour before dinner” and realised once again I had nothing out. As I reached for the frozen chicken (and the reassurance that I’d separated and cut it up before freezing) I realised that child #3 had crawled out of the 10cm paddling pool, dropped a log, crawled through it and started playing with it. (yay) no sooner had I grabbed the wipes and disinfectant when child#1 runs inside sits on the toilet but then vomits all over the floor (yes I’m not joking) child 2 starts sympathy gagging and all I could say to her was to go outside and onto the grass. Needless to say, 45 mins later, the vomit and poo had been cleaned up and disinfected, the children were showered and dressed but the frozen chicken was still on the bench. It was Chinese takeways for those who felt like eating tonight.

  49. hayley wilmshurst says:

    Id like to win this for my mum. She works hard all day them comes home quite late to two hungru teenaged boys & my dad & then has to cook dinner! My dad doesnt workbut doesnt cool either. She also does all the food shopping although she hardly has time. Her jobw doesnt pay well & sometimes they have barely enough to get by. This would really help her out! Please pick her!!!!

  50. joelene says:

    what to cook and how to cook

  51. Tania says:

    The thing I loathe the most about dinner time is trying to think of what to cook and then when you decide finding you are missing an ingredient. I also loathe the dishes!

  52. Jocelyn says:

    Fussy eaters!!!

  53. Cath says:

    The thing I loathe about dinner time is making a meal that the little ‘uns gobbled down last week, thinking its a safe bet, only to have them turn their noses up at it.

  54. Rebecca says:

    Lot hat the kids aren’t quite ready for hot curries yet! My cooking has become so bland!

  55. Anoushka says:

    My hubby quite often works nights, so when it’s just me home with the kids I keep it really simple.
    But honestly there is only so many ways you can serve rice, fish & peas!

  56. Cassie says:

    I hate putting something on the table that the kids have helped prepare and plan, and being told “I don’t like that” and then refusing to eat it! Dinner prep time is precious (home at 5, bed at 70, so I don’t have time to waste creating meals when they are not going to be eaten!

  57. Jacinta Kerrigan says:

    My 3 bottomless pit boys and I think…….. well really they think they should win the food bag just because they are always starving and I never cook enough or have anything in the cupboards to eat or anything to make! Honey sandwiches are really not edible you know!!

  58. Andrea says:

    My biggest problem is deciding what to cook for dinner and then finding things that take no time to cook . After school until the kids are in bed is BUSY. Sometimes I wish I had a magic cooking fairy :)

  59. Nikki S says:

    Keeping the kids out of my way – its a struggle to keep them entertained for 10 minutes while I get it all started. I do try to include them in the preparation but sometimes its just crazy.

  60. Rachel says:

    Kids hanging off my legs asking for dinner and then not eating it!

  61. Danielle G says:

    Hmmm dinner time is certainly a touchy subject!!! At the moment while struggling through morning sickness, trying to figure out what to cook for dinner that everyone will like is a mission and a half!! As well as trying to figure out something thats good for nausea and healthy for me. My Food Bag sounds like an awesome idea for this tired little family!

  62. Sarah Ronchetti says:

    my most loathed part of dinner time, is deciding what to make, while trying to please every small person. Only to be met with cries of ‘AHHH I HATE THAT” of course, with coercion and sometimes bribery food is tasted and declared ‘YUM”. only to be repeated the next night. and the next.

  63. Beks says:

    The No.1 Dinner Loathe for me is working with Time; Time hardly helps me to prepare, create and cook ‘yummy’ healthy meals for my five hungry tummies. Me and Time aren’t the best of mates.

  64. LatteJunkie (@LatteJunkieNZ) says:

    I’ve recently started a new healthier eating plan and I’m finding it hard to deviate from the food we used to love and find new things to love. I’d also really love to have the dinners covered for a week as money is tight.

  65. Taryn Davis says:

    I Loathe trying to please my fussy 4year old and fussy partner while making a healthy meal. My 1year old eats anything so she is easy. I loathe slaving over a lovely meal for my fuss pots to screw up their nose and east toasties =/

  66. shereen says:

    I loath trying to cook dinner while the kids are telling you they are hungry and there is no way you can make it go any faster to be on the plate :)

  67. catherine wilson says:

    Coming up with new ideas, buying the food, getting vegies into the children (and husband) slaving over it and then…them saying yuck I am not eating that!

  68. katie says:

    Whats not to love about food! its just the cleanup afterwards! lol

  69. Sarah says:

    I loath my 3 yr old hanging off my leg!

  70. Anna Turkington says:

    What I loathe about dinner? The time I spend cooking it making sure she is getting something tasty she likes but something good for her too. Only for her to spit it out or say “ninished” after 2 bites! So frustrating!

  71. Rachael Humphries says:

    I don’t need to win this, even though with a new bubba it would be helpful, but I would like to enter my friend. She is only in her mid twenties and has severe bunions plus early onset arthritis in one of her feet and the other day she broke four toes on her good foot. She is currently awaiting surgery to correct her foot so anything that could help her and her family would be a big help to her current stress levels.

  72. Georgina Bridgman says:

    Always having to be the one who decides whats for dinner and when I ask my partner and son its like pulling hens teeth arrgghhh so frustrating!!!

  73. Liv says:

    Our newborn cluster feeds every dinner time so we need something easy that my husband can prepare while im feeding bub

  74. Anita says:

    What I hate most about dinner time is deciding what to have, but a close second is that there’s just no down time between getting home from work and dinner time, so the rush-rush aspect. I am incredibly lucky to have an amazing husband who does most of the cooking, but because he works crazy shifts, sometimes the small person and I are left to “go it alone”. I am so tempted by My Food Bag, so would love a trial to see if it’ll suit our wee family.

  75. Nicola says:

    I’m so exhausted that trying to work out what to make sometimes just seems too much!

  76. Holly says:

    I think of all the things I dislike most about dinner time is planning. I love cooking and feeding people, but to plan it and make sure I have everything on hand… well, not so much.

  77. Sarah says:

    I loath how I can spend 2 or 3 hours preparing and cooking a meal (note I cook on a coal range so have to spend time making sure that it’s hot and the fire is going well), yet they devour it in about 5 minutes and I’m back to square one, having to do the same thing the next night!

  78. Rachael McArthur - Andrew says:

    I hate having to decide what to cook, weither its uust for the kids or weither hubby and I have it too. Hate having to cook 2 meals. Hate when the kids wint it it. Hate having to clean up!

  79. Lynsey says:

    I’m not sure what I loathe most – the 4.30 panic of deciding what to make or the 5.30 frustration when my 4yo says “it’s GROSS Mum!” AARRGH!

  80. Amy McCallm says:

    The think I dislike most about dinner time is trying to decide what to cook, I get bored with the same old meat and veges and like to mix it up a bit but have to first decide what new meals I can make.

  81. Sarah says:

    Small kitchen, 2 toddlers tht always want to help or just need attention. Son only likes pasta, hubby wants calories and protein, but no carbs on gym days. It would help just to have ingredients for specific meals and they can eat what they’re given ;)

  82. Megan Suter says:

    oooh – thinking of what to make, and then spending ages making it, only to have small people turn their nose up at it!

  83. charlotte says:

    Trying to decide what to have and the planning of dinners with a grumpy two year old ugh!

  84. Irene says:

    The planning and creativity that is required to ensure that my family aren’t having the same thing every few days. The cooking part of it is ok (when I don’t have the kids hanging off my legs) but it’s the planning that I hate the most.

  85. Lisa says:

    Cooking. As hard as I have tried to love it, it hasn’t happened yet!

  86. Debbie Flett says:

    hehe – a lot of us are having trouble!
    I hate having to think of something different every night, the day-out drudge of it all drives me batty. Lately we’ve had pretty sad meals as I’m just a bit fed up! Baked beans and eggs on toast, toasted sandwiches. Naughty mummy. I made up for it last night by cooking a stir fry and what do the kids all say “I don’t like that”…. hmm, why do I try?!

  87. Lara Aldred says:

    Having to think what to make!

  88. Sarah K says:

    Meal planning mainly stresses me out, and trying to think of healthy things that are also easy to cook and might give leftovers for lunch next day! but I don’t mind the cooking dinner so much, just the clean-up afterwards of the kids and table and floor gets a bit ‘groundhog day’ doesn’t it! :-)

  89. Lisa Richards says:

    The thing I hate most is deciding what to have! Seems like we have the same old thing all the time!

  90. lena says:

    what i loathe is screaming baby in one arm and cooking the same food over and over again on the other arm (as its fast convenient efficient.. dont have time to browse for new recipes)

  91. Kristyn Milson says:

    What do I loathe? Hmm the constant “is dinner ready yet..I’m hungry” from my two kids. Trying to come up with new and exciting meal ideas which can be cooked quickly since I work full time so arrive home with children already “starving”

  92. Hayley says:

    What don’t I loathe? Is it the demands for dinner at 3.30pm? Is it the cry “What’s for dinner Mum” then the “Ohhh yuck” when they are told? Is it the cooking that they don’t eat and then complain they are hungry 30mins later? Is it trying to find good meals that EVERYONE will eat? Is it the cleaning up?

  93. T Clarke says:

    Trying to decide what to cook each night!

  94. Sandra says:

    I loathe the general madness of trying to cook dinner whilst having a tired 5 year old who wants to help but do it his way and a just 1 year old desperate to keep us company! Also the repeated “Is it ready yet?”

  95. Judith Mudge says:

    Trying to entertain three tired hungry children while getting it ready!

  96. Melissa says:

    I get frustrated how the child decides he wants dinner NOW! I then have to give him little bits to fend him off until it’s ready.

  97. Haidee says:

    I loathe the fact that the time I put into planning and prepping a meal has no relationship to how much food is actually consumed by the end of the meal!

  98. Claire Sword says:

    I loathe spending time cooking amazing meals, and having the kids turn their nose up at it!!

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